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  1. Draft winners and losers

    Who do you guys think are the draft day winners and losers for 2018? Winners: -Islanders: They had a monster draft with not one but two great players fell to them in Wahlstrom and Dobson in round 1 and they got Wilde and Ishakov round 2. -Red Wings: Got Veleno and Zadina in round 1 -Buffalo: For obvious reasons Losers: -Montreal: Could not trade down and reached a bit -Ottawa: Did not trade any of the players they should have When it comes to the Canucks, I guess my expectations are much higher mainly due to the monster draft we had last year. I did not think we had the same type of draft this year so did not think we were in the same category as the teams above. What did you guys think?
  2. Salary Cap set to increase

    Lmao just because you do not like JBs ability to manage the cap doesn't mean he's bad at drafting. Apples and oranges my friend. Having Vegas contribute in the revenue sharing program helps increase the cap and more money in the owners pockets. Think big picture
  3. Salary Cap set to increase

    Two thoughts: 1. We need to grab some popcorn to see what type of mess JB will get us into with all this cap space 2. This is great news for Seattle. When owners benefit so much from Las Vegas they wouldn't hesitate for another expansion
  4. Clearly you missed the joke there. The main reason he has that white board is so when he is on a phone call with another gm and they want to offer him a certain player, JB can come back and point out their depth while looking at the white board. That's his way of ensuring other GMs don't pull a fast one on him. He made seem as though it was a brilliant idea. My point is having a spreadsheet on a laptop serves the same purpose. Or what if he's on the road, at home or at the game? Does he run back to his white board?
  5. Not really related but I don't think JB and genius should be in the same sentence. Did this 'genius' finally upload each team's depth charts into his laptop instead of his white board in his office?
  6. Wahlstrom at lucky #7

    No offence to people who say we need D so we should go for the best D available. That's a terrible thinking process. You ALWAYS draft BPA. No matter what!! If that's a forward then that's fine. Worst case scenario you trade him or another asset down the line for a D. Think about it this way... If that was our mentality and skipped over Brock to pick the next best D how would have turned out? So yes if out scouts believe Wahlstrom is the BPA available then I'll more then happy to have him. However, if they think one of the D men is available is the BPA then I would be equally happy.
  7. Tank Thread

    Damn the wings are tanking hard! They are a real threat for sure
  8. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Somone please explain to me why that was not a double minor?? Isn't it the rule that if there is blood there has to be a double minor no matter what? I'm really curious
  9. I just hope JB doesn't fall in love with his own signing and keep him here. Could be a long shot but I think we might be able to get a first rounder and possibly a prospect at the trade deadline
  10. Benning's Scouting Background

    Exactly this!!! He's had three straight top 6 picks in the drafts with us and it has been average at best.
  11. Dreaming of the next few years...

    It's a great time for sure and we have a reason to be excited but at the same time let's manage our expectations just a little. Many of the prospects haven't made the jump to the NHL just yet.
  12. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I'm all about tank nation but boy does it ever feel wonderful when we beat the Kings, Hawks, Bruins and the Leafs.
  13. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    My worst fear is that he will be injured before TD. But let's hope he's healthy and we get a good return for him!
  14. Kole Lind | RW

    To me this is the biggest difference between MG and his team vs JB. I know I get a lot of criticism for pointing out JB and his teams flaws but this kind of forward is non existent for JB. Having these two players on ELC's would make a world of difference if the team was to compete in couple of years. Let's assume an example, EP comes in and becomes a 60-70 pts player and is a RFA one year earlier. He is resigned for $5-6M at that year instead of being on a ELC. The team could have used that kind of cap space in this hypothetical scenario. I know the boat has sailed for both Lind and EP but management needs to be on top of these kinds of things and get it done one way or another.
  15. William Lockwood | RW

    Now I'm no scout but from the highlights shown above, it appears all of his goals are from up tight. That can be a good and bad thing. I love how all of his goals are earned as he fought for them true will. On the down side, he doesn't seem to be have a great shot. Is it possible he can develop one? If he does, I see him becoming Kesler light version. Just my two cents.