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  1. Agreed!! This should be one of the most important tasks as it's a huge weakness at the moment. Our draft won't matter if we can't develop them
  2. The future could be bright but it's just wishful thinking at the moment. We don't have an identity, we don't have a style of play, we don't have a clear plan. Right now we have a bunch of random players put into the roster. We are trying way too hard to make the playoffs but no where do I see anyone planing on making the team a contender. Sure we may get lucky and make the playoffs but that's where the road ends there. Even if we do become contenders in let's say 2-3 years then we need to pay a ton of money to our core guys. Which is hard to do when most of the cap is tied up with 4th liners and over paid free agents. In that case we will need to shed salary and lose depth IF I have it in the first place. Since, there is no such thing as forward thinking going with management then the team will be broken up before it even gets anywhere.
  3. I agree with you 100% unfortunately cdc is are following JB blindly and will ignore any criticism
  4. You see 10% of us are result oriented. We will start believing when JB starts producing results. Plus you are referring to that poll that asks about the management not JB on his own. Without the scouting department JB is a train wreck. It is apparent that it's pointless to argue with you. It's clear that logic doesn't work on you.
  5. At that time his contract was brilliant. He was one of the top goalies if not the top goalie at that time when he signed that contract at a very good cap hit. Plus they changed the rule after the contract. In fact it was because of the forward thinking that the league had to catch up to us. Again, your point is not valid at all. I think it's time to take off the Homer glasses and think for a minture. I promise you it won't hurt.
  6. There are better ways to spend the cap to please the fans instead of handing out money to grinders like candy. Bottom line is cap management does not exist with this team no matter how anyone tries to spin it. I miss the days where we ahead of the curve and were masters with the cap.
  7. What do the leafs have to do with anything?? Not a valid arguement at all. I mean like being close to the cap yet finishing in the bottom of the standings in almost every year under JB.
  8. Well if they had one then I would be damn scared with the job he's doing so far
  9. There is no secret JB got absolutely bent over on the TB trade today. Even the Homer fans won't be able to defend him now. Other teams are handing out assets to take on cap dumps yet our incompetent gm hands out a 3rd AND 1st for a cap dump. This his way of taking advantage of the cap. I'm about to puke just thinking about how bad this trade is. Nothing against Miller but he's a 50 pt guy on TB. Do you homers really think he will get that here in Van? Anyways, I truly hope this will be the end of JB. We have been a train wreck ever since he's been in charge. Our farm team is a joke, our trades are a joke and let's hope he's gone before it's too far.
  10. Anyone know why he fell to the second round?? Seems like BPA so I'm happy
  11. Better not be a 2nd rounder. Here we have proper GMs using the cap to get picks like Canes. On the other hand we have JB paying market value instead of getting picks. That's how you get bent
  12. So Edler decided not to waive his NTC. I respect that. He earned the right to do so and he did what was best for Edler. Now the Canucks must do what's best for Canucks NOT Edler. Sign the guy to a short term, low $ and unprotected contract. The guy clearly showed he wants to remain a Canuck so now management has to use that. I would laugh if JB manages to screw this up by paying him market value or worse