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  1. Sometimes these games go this way. On to the next one. Glad we got a point though
  2. Wait did Burke try to get Jumbo Joe when he was with Van?
  3. Too bad somone didn't take him to the Roxxy. He would have been well taken care of there.
  4. I'm not hiding anything. So pointing out his flows makes me a hater now? You know we are allowed to criticize our gm, players, coaches etc. I'm not a blind follower. I will credit where it's due and call out flows. Benning has a lot more flaws than homeruns. You are the closet JB fanboy who gets triggered when people point out his flaws.
  5. I like how you completely ignore the main point and address something that I didn't even state my opinion on. Seems like I triggered you with not blindly hopping into the JB lovefest
  6. It's funny you get all triggered when he calls out Benning and run to his rescue like fanboy. Let's take a step back and look at things without our JB lovefest. If you are BB and you see other teams paying huge money for their young guys. (Thanks Toronto and Edmonton for messing up the market). Also, not to mention JB giving away huge money like candy to EVERYONE!!! Obviously he wants to get paid market value. Now I agree with you that BB wants huge money for a short term deal and won't accept long term at the rumoured $7M. But please let's look at both sides before running into JB's defence.
  7. I want to see more pics of him and how he looks now. The couple pics on IG showed that he's still pretty skinny
  8. Hmm all this money for goalies has me worried how much Marky will demand. If course he's not top 5 in league atm but still the AVV could be up there.
  9. For a guy who scored 13 goals last year. I would much rather have a chance to draft a guy like Brock, Hughes, Bo, Petty etc. So yes I'm very upset that he can't negotiate anything
  10. You see now that's how you put conditions on draft picks. Unlike some genius we know who put a condition of either this year's 1st or next year
  11. So what's his actual height? Some places list him at 5"9' and some at 5"'10'
  12. Agreed!! This should be one of the most important tasks as it's a huge weakness at the moment. Our draft won't matter if we can't develop them
  13. The future could be bright but it's just wishful thinking at the moment. We don't have an identity, we don't have a style of play, we don't have a clear plan. Right now we have a bunch of random players put into the roster. We are trying way too hard to make the playoffs but no where do I see anyone planing on making the team a contender. Sure we may get lucky and make the playoffs but that's where the road ends there. Even if we do become contenders in let's say 2-3 years then we need to pay a ton of money to our core guys. Which is hard to do when most of the cap is tied up with 4th liners and over paid free agents. In that case we will need to shed salary and lose depth IF I have it in the first place. Since, there is no such thing as forward thinking going with management then the team will be broken up before it even gets anywhere.
  14. I agree with you 100% unfortunately cdc is are following JB blindly and will ignore any criticism
  15. You see 10% of us are result oriented. We will start believing when JB starts producing results. Plus you are referring to that poll that asks about the management not JB on his own. Without the scouting department JB is a train wreck. It is apparent that it's pointless to argue with you. It's clear that logic doesn't work on you.