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  1. Vancouver Edmonton Montreal Winnipeg Ottawa Calgary Toronto Don't like the leafs very much but they are still my 7th favorite
  2. [Signing] Jagr to Flames

    Call me crazy but I would have been a lot happier to have grandpa Jagr over Vanek
  3. Oh dear God! Here we go again I don't understand. Are they trying to fool us or themselves??
  4. You looked beautiful reading those spoilers
  5. Well what I can say is that I liked the pace of this episode. Unlike the other rushed episodes.
  6. This makes Jon with the best right to the throne. Also in my mind he is the prince that was promised. I thought it was it was interesting how the red witch never told Danny she was the one that was promised. All she said was she had a role to play. They could have easily stretched this into 10 even 15 episodes. Maybe didn't have it in the budget? Either way I think everything is happening too quick for my liking. Well Sam would be the head of the Tarly bunch but let's not forget he took the wall which prevents him from all of that. So no he won't be able to, unless he does it anyways and no one really brings it up without explaining it. Similar to what they did to Jon
  7. I think you are right! Notice how Danny asked if she was the one and the response was you have a part to play and not yes you are the one. Also, who else is sick of Danny?? She feels like she's so privileged. I was born to rule, all of this is mine etc
  8. (Discussion) Sutter for Coach? (THN)

    Dear God no!!!!! Terrible fit here. He's not a bad coach but he is a horrible fit for Vancouver atm.
  9. Major plot leaks with great amount of detailed have surfaced . From reading it I think it seems as though it's true. I song post it here because it's essentially the entire season 7 and it might upset some folks . If you are curious message me and I can send the article .
  10. [Signing] Jets sign Quinton Howden

    Isn't he the guy Florida picked for the Ballard trade? I guess no one won that trade
  11. [Signing] Rangers sign Adam Clendening

    Is that his 17th team already?? I lost count. Anyways wish him luck though!
  12. That's high number for such a young player. I was thinking similar to Seth Jones but I guess he is a better player.
  13. That was by far the most boring episode of the season. Wayyyyy too much time spent on Sam and Gilly.