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  1. Martin and Tulo really frustrate me these days while batting. They either get into a double play or stike out.
  2. [Signing] Red Wings re-sign Gustav Nyquist

    Wonder how much it is.... Either way he is the new face of the franchise. To think we could have had him for Edler.
  3. She's much better looking than Lena. Too bad she didn't play as Cersei, I would have been a fan of hers
  4. Why is this even news? Shouldn't we be talking about more important things like Bruce Jenner?
  5. It appears that Olly will be stabbing him. At least that's what I saw on a meme. Unfortunately, it appears like it will be headed that way
  6. What's with everyone on the internet saying Jon Snow will die. Is it actually true? I'm confused now
  7. Epic episode! Started off slow but what a great ending.
  8. [Signing] Devils re-sign Jordin Tootoo

    Jim benning.... Enough said. Can someone please take his pen away from him?
  9. Sam Bennett's age

    Can someone find me the video of the original clip? I can't seem to find it
  10. I wonder who is going back to Arizona. I have a feeling Arizona got fleeced on this deal
  11. Way to many holes to be filled. Unless we can find a magic potion I wouldn't get my hopes up. Also, let's see if we can actually make the postseason. Long road ahead still.
  12. Iginla

    During free agency we appeared to be the second choice for Iggy. He was close to signing here too. Once that fell through we ended up getting Vrbata instead. I know it's way too early but it sure seems like we got the better deal. What do you guys think?
  13. Ryan kesler interviewed at Rogers.

    I understand that he wanted out, I understand he wanted be treated better but if I were to boo him it would be only for one reason. It would be for only agreeing to waive for only two teams.
  14. Zack Kassian not what we think he is?

    The one issue I have is the fact he hasn't been given a "real" shot. Looking back, seems to me he has the shortest leash. As soon as he makes a mistakes down to the third or fourth line you go. I don't remember a time where was given quality ice time for 20 games straight or something.