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  1. I think you are right! Notice how Danny asked if she was the one and the response was you have a part to play and not yes you are the one. Also, who else is sick of Danny?? She feels like she's so privileged. I was born to rule, all of this is mine etc
  2. Dear God no!!!!! Terrible fit here. He's not a bad coach but he is a horrible fit for Vancouver atm.
  3. Major plot leaks with great amount of detailed have surfaced . From reading it I think it seems as though it's true. I song post it here because it's essentially the entire season 7 and it might upset some folks . If you are curious message me and I can send the article .
  4. Isn't he the guy Florida picked for the Ballard trade? I guess no one won that trade
  5. Is that his 17th team already?? I lost count. Anyways wish him luck though!
  6. That's high number for such a young player. I was thinking similar to Seth Jones but I guess he is a better player.
  7. That was by far the most boring episode of the season. Wayyyyy too much time spent on Sam and Gilly.
  8. Martin and Tulo really frustrate me these days while batting. They either get into a double play or stike out.
  9. She's much better looking than Lena. Too bad she didn't play as Cersei, I would have been a fan of hers
  10. It appears that Olly will be stabbing him. At least that's what I saw on a meme. Unfortunately, it appears like it will be headed that way
  11. What's with everyone on the internet saying Jon Snow will die. Is it actually true? I'm confused now
  12. Epic episode! Started off slow but what a great ending.
  13. I would ask for 7 a year if I was him.