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  1. Hello there.How u doin.:)

  2. Hey BR! It's Nazmo from the Avs board

  3. It was a cute drama, the ending was a bit unsatisfying though.

  4. Hanakimi the drama itself blew balls tho. >_> Sooo disappointed. -_-

  5. Lawl, yeah I noticed that too! Shun's great though. I'm watching Gokusen right now cuz of him.

  6. XD I liked Shun the best tho.. minus his weird looking man boob...

  7. Eeep, indeed he was! Toma Ikuta also looked hawt. <3

  8. Shirota Yuu was hot in Hanakimi. >o<

  9. For what it's worth I was emo only for that one month...

    ...Okay year.

  10. Get on MSN... I wanna tock 2 u :(

  11. One day soon!

    It would be a dream come true. <3

  12. <3 when are we gonna get crunk together?