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  1. Agreed. They lost Beauchmin, Etem, Palmeri, Wisniewski. Added Hagelin, Bieksa, Horcoff, Stewart. I see this as a downgrade. Hagelin for Etem is pretty even. Etem has more upside imo. Bieksa is a heart and soul guy but his hockey skills have been steadily decreasing over the years...he may be a liability for them. Horcoff and Stewart...dont see them making a big impact..
  2. Id like to keep Hansen Horvat Kenins together. Already proved they have chemistry. As for the 4th line Vey is not suited for that role at all...in fact i dont see him fitting in anywhere on this team. I hope hes just insurance in case of injury. I wouldnt mind seeing how well Gaunce performs in training camp like others have mentioned. If he blows away the coaching staff I can see him getting the spot. If he has a poor training camp I think a vet will be signed. Imagine a Prust Lapierre Dorsett line....
  3. need hansen on this team he brings a lot to the table and is very versatile/low maintenance. Hope he is a canuck for a long time
  4. Could say that about all our defencemen in that series
  5. probably the best defenceman canucks had last season. Steal at 1.5 for 11 goals, good first pass, mobile and still young.
  6. Vern fiddler is that you?
  7. stanton sucked last season ...dont know if u guys are just re-calling his season under torts but last season all i can remember is him falling all over the ice, cant get the puck out of our zone, no offensive instincts. There is a reason weber took over his spot as 6th D man for the last part of the season and playoffs.
  8. waste of a roster spot
  9. Markstrom has proven he can let in 3 goals on 4 shots in the NHL.....AHL success means squat
  10. This team will only go as far as their defence will take them. We'll have some youth injected into the lineup with kenins, virtanen, horvat, bartschi, clendenning/corrado and have a few reliable vets in the sedins, burr, vrbata. If benning cant improve the defence i see us fighting for 8th spot this year or just missing the playoffs. We arent bad enough to drop down to the basement because we have the twins. I hope we can somehow sign a bartowski and ehrhoff/green/ or franson.
  11. he only scored twice as a result of the sedins....and that was in one game against a crappy new jersey team. That lead to him being placed on that line for weeks with no production. Burrows is the best line mate for the twins.
  12. fitness and nutrition isnt gona solve his biggest weakness which is his brain....
  13. Sedin Sedin Burrows (Dont know why people slot kassian in here...he just had one good game with the twins and long stretches with no production) Bartschi/Higgins Bonino Vrbata Virtanen Horvat Kenins Hansen Richardson Dorsett Edler Tanev Bieksa Hamhuis Sbisa Weber Most likely need an upgrade in defence either through free agency or giving one of our prospects an oppurtunity and hoping the break out...as of now that defence is one of the worst in the league Lack Miller (Hope we trade him for a solid defenceman) I have Kassian traded, possibly higgins as well. Matthias gone through FA. I still dont think this roster is strong enough to compete for the cup. Need some help through trades/FA to address the defence/scoring. Or hope a prospect has a great year.
  14. hamhuis shouldnt be on this team let alone the powerplay. The guy moves around the ice in slow motion and is so slow moving the puck out of his own end....hes going to be a disaster in the playoffs...
  15. FFS take kassian off the sedin line he has absolutley zero chemistry with them. Put burrows back with twins and Kassian with matthias