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  1. That means nothing to anyone if you are not going to post give aways, errors, lost pucks. How much of those minutes are on Special teams? Easy to be D and get shots on net when you are on the PP. Lets not cloud the thread with minor milestones. Lets not make weak excuses for players in the pro league. This is not the movies where the main character is hiding an ailment to stay relevant in the league.
  2. I'm a tool... You are the one making this 3 word story about me. @$%* Outta here you weakling. I am not bringing others into this only you. But you mention others as to draw a group to this thread. Your op says not to be a dick. but here u are. You are coward bro. And the direction that YOU are making this story go in...is about me and only me. So if it about me I will @$^%*ing post any time I want.