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  1. Lol Why would you waste your vote on a absent player? We get rid of TL due to no show...we still lose an existing player to the maf. Reading the last page or 2 is funny... deep wolf this Power wolfing that.. not to mention things like Meta, prior games played, play style lol, I remember the days we would be like...why did you vote for ______ he was town lol Oh the days.
  2. I may have missed it.. I saw the vote that was it. Can you give me info on the why BEFORE the actual vote?
  3. I was just reading those posts a minute ago. I seen that. He even voted for her after she voted LL There was no reasoning behind the vote. Falcon was another. Even after LL had tried to throw my name out there. He basically had my back and now he votes for me.. Interesting.
  4. Practicum... no. It would depend on the players. Their decisions. veterans or noobs. the thought process will never be the same.
  5. I would suggest looking in to who tried to counter 112. Who dismissed her thoughts on LL. Anyone who may have tried to dissuade her, or make her suspicions seem insufficient or unreasonable. Those people would be a start. Then I would look at anyone who agreed 100% her way. And those that did agree...what would be LL's reaction to it.
  6. This vote is very opportunistic. While looking at it from my view as I have only the one vote it, screams "wagon here .!" The long standing theory is that when one of your team mates is about to be lynched. It would be good practice to jump on the wagon for 2 reasons. 1. To look good in the eyes of the innocent. Why would a wolf for vote for its own?? 2. To hide among the sheep. Especially when the pile is big enough to hide at the bottom,
  7. We know there is at least one Mafia in the Lager pile. but Imma say they are BOTH in the LL pile. Yes, LL basically stated out right that you were TP. that to me was TMI. Z is where scum pile should be. I would have switched my vote to LL but that would have been unnecessary. 112 props
  8. He is also being very controlled tho being suspected by few, usually he is flying off the handle. Who is your coach lol.??
  9. Can't... His first post is very informative. But adds nothing to first round. I could have typed up that same gibb... What made me think was that he called you a TP lean. It's like he want's to pocket you.
  10. It's like you are looking for supporters lol. Sheep - "Sure, why not... {shrug}"
  11. Sounds like Mafia lackey to me... utilize the weak to gain strength... VOTE Z
  12. Hard to gauge a player and their actions when they include real life into their posts. I feel that it's either a tool or and excuse. Bring nonfictional in to fictional stories creates a shade. regardless if they are using it or not.