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  1. We know you can't play...but we askin if you in on the game...?
  2. What has happened to Hughes... he seems so slow compared to the dangling youth we saw.
  3. Talk about The Wrong Stuff... Talk_About_The_Wrong_Stuff.mp4
  4. Bro you are a fool to believe that was any of markys fault... listen to commentary...they even blame edler lol Super Fans...I tell ya.
  5. What you think is irrelevant. Go by what you see and prove. Look at this vid at 6:34
  6. slightly true...but Edler and his indecision to either lie down or go knee... You have Marky trying hard to look beyond Edler . stretching his neck to see who has and where the puck is. Watch the difference in defensive blocks tonight.
  7. I really hope Edler got a talking to about his defensive blunders last game. What the heck was that lame sprawl he did on the second goal???