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  1. All that analysis though.. Did I miss something here?
  2. While possible, I think there is at least one scum in there.
  3. Nice demeaning end to your post there. Your defensiveness of my suspicions out weighs your innocence. I say if you dismiss the thread and make a play that in no way is required, as stated by GM then you are scum. I read the thread hence my decision. in case I forget to vote later... (I guess I do have a meta) lol VOTE Kurisu
  4. Damned if you damned if you don't... come to play a look suspect. Lucky usually calls out every one then at end game he can "Knew it" lol That's his meta.
  5. Never.... How about this game??? lol Fresh start.
  6. Oh it can... especially when you the GM says they don't count. THEY DON'T COUNT. So why vote. When you say habitual, you are correct. But it is also to say that it is habitual not to read the thread when you roll a scum role. Interesting that you bring it up though.
  7. Question for you though... a follow up I did mention the 2 that voted, and those of that read the thread know that the votes are in no way worth anything. Why would you state that you yourself voted and put yourself in the same light as those who are possibly scum? @Zfetch and @Kurisu, why are you voting? I have some reasons but I want to hear from you.
  8. Nah...I know you never read. So I assumed you are already WRONG! lol jk. Your post was after and I didn't reach it yet. You were interrupting me lol