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  1. I really hope we get spanked and the org realizes the changes needed... OH WAIT!...
  2. It shouldn't have come to a shoot out... Bad change led to a break away. When the shoot out was getting set up all the Canadian girls were smiling laughing blah blah blah...how quick they forgot they got scored on by a break away... bad player ice time quick shifts were key. Bad passing. No goal screen presence. Alot of the players were selfish.
  3. #8 &20 were so bad how did they make this team....
  4. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    LOL What gave it away??? The wrapped wrist or the commentators commentating on the wrapped wrist..?
  5. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I think that once you have reached a level in the NHL you don't really need a coach, you need an inspiration...Clootch isn't that guy. Our goalies need to be spoken to about making those big stops, making the clutch saves, being able to communicate with your team. etc...How much longer are these goalies going to allow Ed"turd" to screen them... I would be like if you want to be in front of me...CLEAR the front of me...If not get out of the way as it is easier to see around one player let alone 2...
  6. So...still wanna resign those twins lol
  7. Do not start the Sedins....plz let them.rest for second shift
  8. Even my son knows to have his stick on the ice Edler idiot
  9. Tanev out long term

  10. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    And find out why that Stech blood didn't net us 4 mins...
  11. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Dumb penalties, Henrik playing like crap tonight... Edler and Guddy in the first were SHIZ!