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  1. Iron Maiden - rime
  2. Lol Edler with ANOTHER blocked shot haha
  3. Lol Sbisa/Edler wall....full of holes
  4. Fools.... Jk
  5. There is another word in that sentence which you should "focus" on. Plus why = fry people.
  6. Hey Heyy Sorry guys and gals, I'm finally reporting in... VOTE A 112 VOTE B AV
  7. Forgot the "lol" lol
  8. Hank playing like $&!# to get Willie fired becuz willie wants to give young gunz more ice time so he's pouting about it hard.
  9. Man you are a hopeless fan if you believe that... an enabler.
  10. Im hoping the new coach next season sees that this line is horrible lol