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  1. Wtf was edler doing on the ot &^@# i just wanna fire our coaching staff
  2. You are like an enabling mother. Its ok Edler...as long as you are having fun...
  3. It's like you never seen Edler play lol
  4. Note: Hutton looked good getting into the offensive zone...he needs to be more confident in that aspect.
  5. I wonder how his (Edler ) team mates feel when they see his bs plays and his lack of effort. So they see his worth like most us do? I'm just curious.
  6. Lol Edler just watched the puck go by
  7. Edler does not give a frack about the Canucks. He will play good when its time to renew and talks begin. Then it will be back to same old Edler. I hope he is gone soon
  8. What bugs me is that the refwas smiling when speaking with Coach...its like he wasn't taking us seriously.
  9. Horrible....then Edler ugh...
  10. How the f*** is pouliot on the ice already with that give away
  11. Huttons inexperience shows greatly
  12. Marky should have had that tho....