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  1. Those that want to host should set up a sign up post or something or other
  2. Good game guys. DPS invite please. Thanks for hosting T On to the next game who's hosting!?
  3. I'm TP so we win Yay
  4. Vote AV Locked
  5. Where I'm at MR - SK wouldn't do that... AV - the Death of Zfetch THIS is the short version lol. One more read. Then I'll vote.
  6. Yes! It's my opinion that you needed Z gone. The remaining 4 were: AV, DM, MR and Z Lets look at it from your eyes, as SK. who of these 3 were the most threatening to you. Zfetch. and MR was already eliminating me from any type of special role due to my play style. And I never spoke on the SK til the start of this round.
  7. But remember I did not believe him either. And again the whole reason I voted "BJ the guilitied" was to confirm J23. BUT...what if you wanted J23 dead because you knew he was cop and that the next lynch would have to be BJ. Break that down hypothetically. I wonder what the out come would have been.
  8. No, he was not the only person. I also did not buy his claim. This is why I voted for BJ. I believed that we would have one mafia member either way. Either he was telling the truth on his guilty or we would catch him in a lie. On his(MR) erratic-ness ,He made posts that he was possibly the cop and made a hard claim. I questioned him as to why he seemed threatend by J23s claim to cop. I am still clueless on why he acted that way to my voting BJ. It was like he was trying to save BJ. Another motive maybe? I don't know.
  9. You keep saying this or something to this effect. "Why would the SK do this?" it's leading. This is the main reason I tried a reactionary vote on you. We cannot assume that who ever plays the role of the SK will act with in the main frame of these character traits you keep mentioning. While AV completely fits this bill. I can't help but think you are trying to lead me in that vote direction. More later.
  10. I found this... Is this foreshadowing from MR??? WOW!
  11. I would like 48 hours plz
  12. Zfetch basically say OUTLOUD that AV is SK Zfetch gets SK'd For now I'll believe the main post that the SK'd investigated will go to Sheriff as "TP" It would have been a hard ending for AV if Z was left alive. Hmmm. Zfetch was gunning hard. for AV. it would have been difficult for the SK to determine if Mafia were going to off anyone other than Zfetch so he had to be sure to take care of him. my thoughts for now
  13. Knowing that Locked votes usually seal the round. I figured I would throw this vote out there. Your original post seemed to pit AV and I against each other with your presumed innocence. Then you would jump to vote either of us once we locked our votes. I wanted to see what this vote could do for a reaction. Here is the initial reaction. The bold parts are what concern me. These comments suggest to me that you presume that I am some what innocent. You want my vote to go to AV. Don't do this to me, DM is like I am wronging you. Use my common sense and make the right decision. My only other option is AV. Why would the serial killer kill J23, knowing he was hard claiming cop. and the same night the Mafia would do that anyways. Especially knowing that you were inno'd by the cop already also. So you knew that you would be off that radar. Yes I noticed the questioning. When I voted for you. I thought the first thing you would ask is why I chose you. But you tried to sway me to change my vote. Of course you won't.