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  1. You would..I would...he did. Lie to me.
  2. Welp.... AV moving on up in the Playoffs....
  3. Ooops... I just remember him been called a pylon numerous times lol MY BAD Y'all.
  4. No mention of Taylor "The Pylon" Pyatt? Sorry my bad he was a forward...but dang he was bad...lol
  5. unvote bw vote jl
  6. Fools....or sheep...but ill go with Maf in one of these 2
  7. Looking for a reason to vote someone??? lol
  8. I was thinking the same thing...
  9. This is suspect....Mafia playbook 101 - Act natch. Vote BW
  10. He needed to be more of a force out there...big for nothing.
  11. Hmmm...no the tank was in correct? You cannot tank hard 2 years in a row and not have a patsy. That is where WD falls in to place. He was going to be the fall guy for this whole tank situation. The press had nothing to do with this. It was common sense from their point of view.
  12. Don't @Dral this up @T-rex930 ! Woooo
  13. Agreed. What I think we will see is a huge push for first 2 months then once the team has been set and the players are assured they won't be sent down or traded away they will get sloppy and lazy...feeling entitled.I hope that we get a coach that will be on this team day in and out. Work hard...