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  1. Big Brother tonight... woooo

    1. JV77


      Good season so far.  Def one the shows I always look forward to watching

  2. Omg don't listen to Cody. Idiots...
  3. Last words... you know who my vote would be for.
  4. Dang eh. Im tp y'all. Trust me
  5. So are we willing to vote out TL or we gonna pass on him for a 3rd time? Vote TL
  6. Nice try. But what are those reasons.
  7. And what are those reasons? Nice wagon hop.
  8. Do you know what page this is on? I tried to search but nothing.
  9. Vote TL
  10. He voted so i dont think he would be
  11. More interesting is that bj shows up and ties the votes back up
  12. unvote vote bassi
  13. that spoder wagon though especially after a sheriff regardless of paranoid or not has hit possible maf. This is madness lol