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  1. Vote Zfetch Surprised at the lack of posts from this vet.
  2. That's just you trying way to hard to be less scummy.
  3. I should've put money on that.... But.. as for your sitch... shake it off. Dust your dick off and get back out there. This world is to huge to have lonely people.
  4. I see you... Using humor to enter a discussion.
  5. Yes... he couldnt hang. Said some things he be regrettin'
  6. He's not scared... He is basically a grade book now... ez read.
  7. Here we go again...lol Dude if Im not banned you definitely are not banned... Hey Six...your pets loose again. Leash this foo bruh.
  8. You would be much more likeable if you were show your true self instead of trying to live up to the "big truck little dick" forum tag you opted to go with...
  9. You are not a mod or are you anyone of importance here.
  10. Uhhh Yeah it is... If you play your vid it goes with the beat...
  11. And Six is the biggest one here...so he knows some when he sees it..
  12. Try to have the reveals but anonymous voting. I would go for that.
  13. While the game was interesting, it was not that great. Once it was known to me that it was a unknown flip... I kept my nose clean by playing a safe game. Voting Kuri every round was a play I wanted try. Having a role that was a curse for town was not one I wanted to keep around. Though I didn't really believe the role existed. Kuri remaining alive after nfs was curious. After a while players just voted. So the game then became...who would last longest. Imo. If you want to try this again. Keep the votes anonymous. But reveal the kills and lynches. Allow the players to lie or truthfully tell who they voted for. It would be up to the people to decide if they believe them or not.