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  1. Ahhh same ol Edler...lol
  2. That the Vancouver Canucks were trying to tank to get a better chance for the draft...when in fact we were just that horrible.
  3. First ribs now shoulder...dang hope he is not getting soft...
  4. Is it possible to have a name change? I looking to change my current tag to my PS tag. Let me know that would be great
  5. Let's just say I don't like to throw anything away...
  6. The parents can beat this by stating the new Photo album era...it would be the same as if they were showing friends and family a photo album.
  7. Agreed why would he take her...this season had the fix on since day 1 First female to win ugh...that escape the room challenge really did it for me...
  8. Coming Soon Werewolf: Death from the Darkness Hi Everyone, I am currently still working on creating the stories for each player death scene. Takes some creativity and time lol So bare with me. I am using this post to test my placement skills with CDC and give you a little glimpse in to what I have been working on. I am very unfamiliar with creating a thread as I am usually just posting random crap. I do look forward to bringing some visual and story candy to our games which are pretty vanilla. But great none the less. I am not sure when I will be able to set up the thread at this time but will put my name to the host list when I deem myself ready. So with that been said, I wanted to share my opening post with you guys. so I can get some feedback positive or negative don't matter . Bare with my writing skills lol I can picture it but putting it into words is another story. lol Cheers! Close the Gates It was a night like tonight,when I had heard strange tales of death and horror. And night like this night, a low lying fog started rolling in near the Village of Misty Rock. The nights have been approaching a lot quicker as of late. Fire pits are lit and their chimneys spewing smoke. The leaves are growing orange and red as the air is getting crisper. “Close the gates!” yelled the Gate Lord; “The night comes!” A raven sitting on the flag post cawed as if he were repeating the Gate Lord's orders. Closing of the gates had no real significance before that night but there have been strange sights been spoke of. The Villagers talk of rumors. Huge beasts of a dog, standing on hind paws in the moonlight, wailing towards the night sky; and those strange howls echoing throughout the land. The sounds to make the hair on your neck stand and a shiver in your body, as if you just been silently spooked by death itself. To what have been only rumors in Misty Rock, out lander's have brought scary tales of death and come to Misty Rock to find safe haven. They are shaken and a feared. They tell of shredded slayings and of half eaten corpses found in alleyways and near river banks. The Village of Misty Rock, the biggest of all the villages and centers the realm of The New West. The outer villages of within the realm of The New West have all sealed their gates and have not allowed any others into their boundaries. It has been said that the slaying are making their way to Misty Rock. But I fear they may have already blended into our Village. Some even say that the Beasts may have come from our lands.…I'm scared. Fwy.
  9. Wooo Thanks for host
  10. No point to make just curious... and I also find it funny that you are switching votes so quickly with out reason. So with that...why is that?
  11. Balupa is that you!?!?! lol But seriously what is all this??? lol
  12. Got nervous so better jump on the wagon lol This is interesting.
  13. I don't even know whats goin on with BJ and Lil Deen....BJ's and all ???? Surprised Jazz hasn't spoken yet... VOTE JAZZ
  14. I didnt read that anywhere? Lol
  15. Great idea Im in please.