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  1. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    Sbisa yikes
  2. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    If only we are constantly on the PP lol
  3. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    Ouch both their heads bounced off the board
  4. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    PP woooo.... Oh wait..:(
  5. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Haha...Edler WOW!!!
  6. [GDT] Vancouver vs Minnesota at 4:00pm

    Loving Barts ability to skate in to the offensive zone 
  7. The Walking Dead Thread

    Are you afraid to offend some one? lol
  8. France to Take 30,000 Syrian Refugees

    THese refugees need to see star wars and learn what a rebellion looks like instead of giving up.
  9. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    Meh, The kid knew what he was doing and he did not think of the consequences...He is of eastern decent and builds something like that....in a country that has security esteem issues....to me, its a slap in the face of all Americans.
  10. have i grown to hear the healing of the stars?

    Annnnnnnd..... He's LIT! 
  11. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    My People had taken in the most likely first refugees of our age....(LOTRs ref) lol
  12. The Walking Dead Thread

    The only part that I liked was when the chick gives Rick the finger when he was yelling at her....lol a BIG "F U I know what Im doing!!!" to Rick haha
  13. Highschool: Hated it or loved it?

    There was racism but there were nice white people too lol I turned out fince know that NOT ALL people are the same.
  14. [PGT] Devils 3-2 Canucks

    You are not reading this correctly. Maybe our 2 goals is good enough but not when your opposing team gets 3... 5 Shut outs means everyone was pulling their weight in the game... 2 totally different aspects from our game last night...