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  1. Why is SNP giving us City over United?! Man U has the biggest fan base in the world, who thought this would be a good idea?!
  2. lol this "kid" has played for Tottenham, and other well know Euro clubs. Will bring some experience, and skill that this team lacked last year.
  3. Not sure why people are surprised, UFC heavyweight title fights never leave the 2nd round, and rarely get out of the 1st round.
  4. The 'Caps are third in the league in attendance, yeah it would be great if the Southsiders were bigger, but give it time. Seattle had a winning team from the start, we don't. And I HAVE to complain about Sohen again. Why not play an open offensive type of game and at least put an exciting product on the pitch. He keeps playing for draws, to protect his record. Would you rather lose 1-0 in a somewhat bore fest or 3-2? Points do not matter to the Whitecaps right now, the only possible reason we keep getting this defensive style is because he is selfish.
  5. The Southsiders need to grow more, expand their section slowly, force people to join in. Trust me I sat there a few times for some games, and by the end of the night I was doing all the chants with them. They are to secluded. On a side not that was the worst effort of the season for the Caps. Two shots on the goal is just pathetic. Jeb Brovsky had like six turnovers, and Cheminto was not much better. Hiring Sohen was the biggest mistake this franchise has done to date. Jay Demerit, Hassli, Camilo, and Joe Cannon have all played well(honorable mention to Nolly), but they are the only ones. Instead of developing the team by playing younger guys like Jarju and Selgado and helping develop chemistry for next year, Sohen is playing older vets and a defensive minded game, protecting his crappy record as a coach. Just Selfish.
  6. Why would a team wait till mid season to obtain their 2nd "Designated Player", and than not use their 3rd "DP" at all? This team has been horribly run, from the coaching staff to the front office.
  7. Some local sports reporters on Twitter said it was looking like a coaching decision. Either a firing/replaceable, or they are taking the "interim" tag off of Sohen.
  8. Whitecaps announced another press conference for tomorrow. It is either coaching or player related. That is all anyone really knows at this time. This team just loves press conferences, lol.
  9. I think they can avg around 30k if they are doing well.
  10. Nothing against Demirtt but he makes double what everyone else on "D" does, and has barley played. Our "D" is so weak right now, with out Cannon it could have been 10-0. Bottom line is we competed 70 minutes with the best team in the league, and could have easily lead the game at multiple times. I don't see 30k+ a night at BC Place will be much of an issue IF they put some winning together.
  11. Vancouver now only behind Seattle for best attendance in the league despite having the worst team in the league. I think this team can really thrive in BC Place with an good team.
  12. Beckham is well passed his prime. You get to see a better player in Hassli night in night out.
  13. This is the Whitecaps best chance to win a big game this season, and Sohen takes our best players out?! Fire him, fire him, FIRE HIM! We are not making the playoffs, who cares about the regular season.
  14. Game officially canceled.
  15. Fire Soehn! If this team keeps up the losing, the Southsiders will turn hostile on him. We want TT