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  1. If Toffoli walks on July 1st and/or the Canucks don't make a deep run in the playoffs, this is an absolute disaster of a trade. Still way too early to assess this deal.
  2. Nobody said Pettersson is going to walk. Toffoli, Tanev, and/or Markstrom on the other hand... All those contracts (minus Sutter) will continue on even when Pettersson, Hughes, Virtanen, Gaudette, Demko, etc will need to re-sign. It's obvious that the Canucks are going to re-sign Pettersson And Hughes, but it's going to be difficult keeping a young core together when you have so much invested in "depth" players. The narrative is just following the historical record over the past seasons. Edit: I completely forgot that the Canucks were trying to add Wayne Simmonds at the deadline, which continues the narrative of adding over-paid depth pieces.
  3. Let me explain further. If the Canucks had 1 or 2 of those contracts, it wouldn't be as bad. You do need veteran depth players to fill out a roster. The fact that the team has Beagle, Sutter, Roussel, and Eriksson making over 3 million a year, all of whom can barely crack the top 9 of the roster, is an "albatross". It would be a different scenario if the Canucks had a top 3 PK in the league, as some of the above mentioned players are known to be half-decent defensively. But the Canucks are paying a premium for the 16th best PK in the league. I can't think of many teams in the league that pay as much as the Canucks to fill out the fourth line. It's worrisome because it feels as though the team doesn't learn from this, and that they will sign another 4th line guy to a 3-4 million dollar contract once these are moved out, instead of re-signing the key pieces on the team.
  4. Once again. I said the only positive aspect of the team is drafting and development. You just reiterated my point lol. I actually really liked the Miller trade at the time. Thought it was a rare and excellent acquisition by Benning and co. I like the team going forward. But I don't like the potential for these ridiculous contracts to cause the Canucks to lose some of the above players that you are talking about.
  5. I think we'll see the results of this over the next 2-3 drafts. If the Canucks' picks don't pan out, then we know the impact that Brackett brought upon the team. Benning and Weisbrod's incompetence has led to this team being in cap hell for the next few seasons. The fact that a team that just finished a rebuild is going to struggle to re-sign key players (Toffoli, Tanev, Markstrom) because of the albatross contracts on the team (Sutter, Roussel, Myers, Eriksson, Beagle) is absolutely ridiculous. I really hope they continue to do well in the only positive aspect of the organization (drafting and development).
  6. https://www.yourerie.com/news/national-news/roy-horn-of-siegfried-and-roy-dies-of-covid-19-complications/
  7. To be honest, a lot of the comments that have been leaked are douchey, but just typical banter between athletes. Insulting someones wife or the racist comments are a whole different level though.
  8. Vote Smith Nominate Christian Ehrhoff
  9. Vote Petey Nominate Ehrhoff
  10. Vote Pettersson Nominate Schmautz
  11. Nominate Aaron Volpatti.
  12. One thing I loved about the 2011 team was how fluid they were. You could see by watching them that they acted as one unit, and you could expect any one of the four lines to contribute at any given time. The mobility of the defensive core was excellent, and Luongo held his own for much of the season. Even though they won the Presidents Trophy in 2012, the team just didn't look the same. Those were some amazing years, and I can't believe it's been a decade since the 2010 Olympics and 2011 Cup Finals.
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