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  1. ICBC Situation.

    How the hell do you get pulled over so often? Are you driving on the wrong side of the road?
  2. I don't blame you for disagreeing. There is an obsession of tying monotony together with responsibility. A majority of people don't find enjoyment in their job because of their choice, not because of some nonsensical notion of responsibility. There are too many people who die at an old age with regret, especially in these times. Working 40 years in a cubicle for a little fun and security is a horrendous waste of life, and it is likely a way of life that will die off in the coming decades. I wouldn't recommend anyone to become an accountant, unless if it was something that was truly their passion, or if they were in a situation where their financial constraints were truly dire (ie: several mouths to feed). Although short, these guys lived well and to the fullest. It is unfortunate that their lives came to an early end, but they lived by the sword and that happens on occasion. Better to roll the dice, than to consistently play it safe. The unfortunate thing is that rolling the dice has much more severe consequences, and unfortunately this one had a tragic ending.
  3. A lot of people don't attain fulfillment through monotony. The illegal and environmentally damaging stuff that these guys pulled was definitely wrong and unforgivable, but this accident could've happened to any of the hundreds that have gone up to the same spot every year. There are so many people that are far too afraid of death these days to actually live life. A shorter, more enjoyable lifespan is infinitely better than a long, boring one. It may be the selfish thing, but so be it. As someone that sold everything to travel the world with my SO, I'm enjoying my life far better than the cubicle that I came from. These guys were a big influence in me making that decision, so I'll forever have a warm place in my hearts for Ryker, Alexey, and Megan, with the exception of the environmental damage they have caused.
  4. I think Canucks have the best prospect pool in the league, and this is from someone who has been an avid critic of the prospect pool over the past 5 years. There's no way Philadelphia is number 1.
  5. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    The best part of the skytrain is switching from the Production-Way to the King George train at Columbia. Just seeing the prim and proper people on production vs the grime and smell on the King George train is like night and day.
  6. Puck possession starts at the faceoff dot, and Beagle is amazing at faceoffs. Also, a solid character player in the bottom six. So much better than what we have currently. I would say 3 years @ 3 mil per, similar to the Malhotra deal.
  7. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Is Rounds 2-7 on TV. Or can we watch it live online?
  8. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Red Wings win the draft. Zadina at 6 Veleno at 30
  9. Hughes, Pettersson and Boeser on that first powerplay unit. My god...

    1. Quantum


      Canucks are going to start becoming dangerous in 2020.

    2. Hugor Hill

      Hugor Hill

      Add Horvat for face-offs. And Jake for net presence.

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Gives the team the flexibility to have Hughes and Juolevi anchor two separate powerplay units.

  10. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Lamoriello was the one who traded Pick 9 for Schneider. Please do it again!
  11. Quinn Hughes | D

    I've waited 7 years, 7 freaking years, for them to add a puck moving presence to replace Christian Ehrhoff. They have done that today. This team is finally going to take that next step into becoming an elite hockey team once again. I can't be any happier.
  12. NDP Score Own Goal in FIFA Bid Debacle

    FIFA, for sure. The IOC is bad, but FIFA is on another level. I'm glad they aren't coming to Vancouver.
  13. Vancouver out despite being awarded a 2026 World Cup host spot

    FIFA is the most corrupt organization in professional sports. They have constantly screwed over the local environments and economy of every area that they have gone to. Good that Vancouver is staying out of this nonsense.
  14. Agreed. Lou didn't single handedly cost this team the series, but he didn't help either. He was decent, but was nothing special during the finals. Although, his Game 6 performance was easily one of the biggest collapses I've ever seen in professional sports, and the momentum from that game eventually gave Boston the Stanley Cup. I still haven't recovered from 2011. Insanely heartbreaking for a team that was destined to win it all.