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  1. The Mail Box

    What the hell are you talking about.
  2. Ken Holland was the face of Detroit management, but it was Jim Nill who really shaped that Red Wings team. Look at the Wings with Nill and without Nill. They better not make a dumb move like that.
  3. As someone who has traveled across the country, Quebecers are better than the rest of the Canada in many ways, especially Vancouverites.
  4. Gudbranson is definitely a solid bottom pairing defenseman, but there's obvious issues with re-signing him. 1) He's injury prone af. He's never played through a full season in his career. As he gets older, the injuries will only pile up more and more. 2) He's expensive af. He's definitely going to be demanding a solid payoff, which he likely doesn't deserve. A Sbisa-esque contract would be fine, but anything above that might be a disaster. 3) His style isn't as important anymore. The only reason why the Canucks would bring him back is because they are deficient on physicality on the back-end, even though a strong puck-moving presence is the most important thing in hockey today. He's okay as a bottom-pairing guy, but anything otherwise could be a major issue. I really hope they deal his arse at the deadline. I don't hate him, but he's not worth the payoff.
  5. Searching for Matt Johnson

    There's another former NHL'er that's apparently on the streets in Langley too. Can't remember his name at the moment. .
  6. Carolina moving to Quebec?

    Lived in Quebec City for a period last year. Honestly, it seems like such a tiny market to support an NHL team. If the Remparts are drawing those numbers though, I guess it might be possible. I remember there being a crap ton of Nordiques memorabilia that you could buy around the city. My biggest regret is not buying any of it.
  7. Provorov Hit On Marchand

    Looks like his nose took most of the impact. He should be fine.
  8. As someone who watches Kane on the Sabres, the Canucks shouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. 1) He's a selfish player, and constantly kills plays by just shooting the puck instead of setting up the play, even when there's no chance for a goal. 2) He's shown to be a problem off the ice in the past, and with a young team, that can definitely be an issue. You don't want Kane being a veteran in the locker room yet. 3) He is insanely undisciplined. Takes the most hilariously bad penalties at the worst times of the game, consistently costing his team. 4) He's going to be insanely overpriced. He'll get 7+ million on the market. He's not worth it. You don't want Eriksson and Kane taking up 13 mil+ when you have young guys looking for big contracts in the next few years.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Would love to see Pettersson just dominate like Peter Forsberg and win gold for Sweden at the WJC and the Olympics. Up that resume before he comes to Vancouver.
  10. The Travel Thread

    Crazy looking back on this. 3 years ago, I had barely left BC. In the past 3 years, I've been to Thailand (twice), Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hawaii (twice), Montreal, and lived in Quebec City. Also might be going to Vegas or LA next week, and Iceland early next year. Safe to say that I've been bitten by the travel bug.
  11. Nailed it. I'm really excited for Uber. Vancouver is years behind in many things, including this. I've used Uber in remote areas of Southeast Asia, and yet Vancouver still doesn't have it. Ridiculous.
  12. It was always such a curiosity as to why Cody didn't shape up to be a top level player at the NHL level. He was insanely dominant in juniors and easily performed at the same level as John Tavares during that World Junior Hockey Championship. That back injury really cost him, and this was the cherry on top. It was insanely confusing to see him have a couple solid years on a horrible Sabres team, and then just completely dropping off the face of the planet. There will always be that 2009 WJHC though. Easily the most exciting hockey tournament I've ever witnessed, and my favourite Team Canada that was ever assembled at the Junior level.
  13. Who is the NHL's Best Commentary Team?

    Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro Chris Cuthbert and Ray Ferraro Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire Damn I miss hockey on TSN.
  14. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    One thing I love about Benning is that he has switched his philosophy to now going after smaller, more skilled players. That's what I've been preaching for years, and I'm glad that the Canucks have finally gone in that direction. Benning had a slow start, but has become a very solid GM over his tenure here. Really excited to see the speed and skill be further inserted into the lineup in the years to come.
  15. Whitehouse Visit

    In the NHL, rich white males dominate the sport. That's Trump's demographic to a tee. How often do you hear of a minority making the NHL? Let alone a minority who grew up poor? Hell, even white dudes whose parents weren't loaded growing up have much more difficulty to make it to the show. All those hockey camps, connections and politics in minor hockey, etc all play a part. The reason why NFL and NBA players are making a stand is that a lot of those players come from the marginalized parts of America, or they know people that have gone through the struggle. It's also why those sports are more popular in the States as well. Hockey is still a rich kids sport, and all those guys on the Pens have no reason to miss the White House visit because they can't understand the idea behind it.