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  1. Canucks - Who is our next Core ?

    Auston Matthews.
  2. The Travel Thread

    Good to know :). It's great to hear something positive about Vietnam. When I was on the road in Thailand, a lot of travelers told me how much they hated Vietnam. Talked about how unfriendly the people were, the marked up prices for backpackers (even though it should be expected), etc. Also have heard the positives of Vietnam, but it was strange to hear all these negative reviews of it. I've never heard of Gili T. I'll definitely look it up more. The whole island hopping thing might turn us away from Indonesia though. Might just not have enough time for it. If we head down to Laos and Burma I'll definitely share some stories and tips!  
  3. The Travel Thread

    Ended up going backpacking for a month around Thailand. Headed down to Southeast Asia this April for a few months. Vietnam and Cambodia are guaranteed this time, but still having questions as to whether to go down to India (Southern Half) and Sri Lanka, Laos and Burma, or Malaysia and Indonesia. Too many destinations, not enough time :(. 
  4. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    Luongo choking again and ruining the tank. Damn it!
  5. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks

    Luongo always choking when it matters. Damn.
  6. David Bowie dead at 69

    Stunned. R.I.P. 
  7. NFL thread

    As a Pats fan, I'm just hoping we don't get the Chiefs in Round 2. I'm totally okay with the Bengals or Texans.
  8. Canucks Tanknation (accepting membership)

    Fair enough. I'll take it.
  9. Post your IQ

    I remember taking it and having a high enough score to be a part of that Mensa nonsense. IQ doesn't mean jack-all though.
  10. Canucks Tanknation (accepting membership)

    Long-time "tank nation" member here. Any benefits?
  11. Ryan Kesler Comment

    Awesome thread bro.
  12. Jake Virtanen Talk

    There's this whole nonsensical sentiment going on that people who aren't happy with Canucks players and prospects shouldn't be Canucks fans, or that they are not true Canucks fans because they don't only look for the good in players. There's no issue in cheering for Virtanen, but at the same time, there's no issue in criticizing his play when he's not performing up to speed. This isn't a Nazi regime where blind loyalty is the most important thing. People have different opinions on players, and are willing to speak up when stuff isn't working out. It doesn't mean that they're not Canucks fans. It may actually mean that they're willing to look at the team from a critical standpoint BECAUSE THEY WANT THEM TO WIN, and they have a vested emotional interest in the team, which causes them to not be so happy when management makes stupid decisions. A forum like CDC is one of the best places to discuss these issues, and so this is why it's so prominent on this message board. @ghjffbali you absolutely nailed the Virtanen issue right on point in one post. Well done! Many of the fans here are using the same excuses as they did for Kassian a few years back. For the people who have been on CDC for the past few years, I'm sure you see the exact parallels as well.  I'm hoping Virtanen turns it around, but there still hasn't been anything I've seen from his game that has proven it. At least with Kassian, you saw bursts of skill and unbelievable play, but Virtanen hasn't shown much at all. Yes, he gets a nice end to end goal once in a blue moon, but besides that, he hasn't done much at all besides hit players. He's a phenomenal skater, he has a great shot, he's a big and tough guy, but he doesn't seem to have the toolbox to put it all together. Hopefully I'm wrong a few years from now, but it's seeming more and more unlikely.    
  13. What does x-mas mean to you?

    A frivolous cycle of consumerism. 
  14. Batman V Superman Hype Thread

    Jake Virtanen level bust right here.