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  1. Anybody who watched a few Sabres games know how insanely good Reinhart is. He had bad puck luck for most of this year, and still wound up with around 50 points. The Sabres were also really banged up, and Disco Dan constantly reshuffling the lines didn't help him much. Reinhart is already one of the smartest players in the league. He'll be a first line stud within the next couple of years. Horvat is amazing in a different way. Both will be great as the next few years come along.
  2. I think that one of two trades will happen here. Either between the Canucks and Stars, or Canes and Stars. Still think Tanev is getting way overvalued here. I would say something like Tanev + 33 for Lehtonen + 3 will be the trade. Hanifin for 3 is the other option, but I think Hanifin goes to Buffalo for Reinhart.
  3. God I love Chayka. A GM who is willing to make aggressive moves. The Yotes will have a deadly team in a few years.
  4. This makes me like Coke even more.
  5. The article should have added how that the only thing that Canucks fans should be excited about this year is how a couple of defenseman are going to hit players. The ONLY thing. Since that winning thing sure ain't gonna happen.
  6. Dallas Nashville Anaheim St. Louis Chicago San Jose Winnipeg Calgary ----------------- Minnesota Los Angeles Colorado Edmonton Arizona Vancouver
  7. Until they have enough good players to be successful.
  8. Cody Hodgson
  9. I got them at 14th in the West. Think this is the year that the Oilers pass them in the standings.
  10. Really liking the fact that the Canucks are finally getting away from this obsession over big players. Hopefully Hudler signs. Some skill and talent infused into the roster.
  11. Sbisa because why the hell not.
  12. I don't think anything happens until training camp. Once Jimbo sees his d-men play, and who works with who, he'll make a move. If I was a betting man though, I would say Sbisa is getting traded, maybe to a team like the Devils.
  13. Meh. I believe humans are the biggest cause of hate and problems in the world, not religion. People make as many excuses as they want, but hate is embedded in our DNA, whether there is religion, or no religion.
  14. Ron Francis has been amazing in Carolina so far. 14th is great for them. Vancouver is definitely bottom ten but not sure about dead last. I agree that Ottawa should be last.
  15. I love how users attribute an existential question to a "chemical imbalance", that requires the need for help. It's one of the most basic questions that one can ask. Personally, I believe that life has no inherent meaning. You can essentially do what you want and shape your own meaning in life. It's pretty awesome, because it means you have a blank canvas in which you can draw your own perception of life on. That could include many things, like a belief in a big guy upstairs that listens to your every whim, a belief in striving for money and consumerism in order to outshine your peers, a life full of adventure and lust, or a life of anger and misanthropy. Regardless, the question your friend posed is pretty general. Nothing to worry about. Your friend may just be having a typical existential crisis.