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  1. NHL 18 Thread

    I think it is personally bad ratings if the fourth line guys are all 80+ overall. It just doesn't seem realistic.
  2. [Discussion] Jaromir Jagr Rumors 2017 FA

    No man, all about Jason King, that guy was unreal!
  3. The Workout Thread

    That makes sense. I've always been more of a flat/incline bench/dumbell press and pushup/weighted pushup guy as opposed to the chest flies.
  4. The Workout Thread

    I personally would challenge this. I'd say your best bet at developing the chest would be to get better bench press, and to get a stronger back/posture. I personally can't think of anything that is functional with cables or flies, since no one ever uses a pushing motion with those two movements. That is just my opinion though and I usually come from the perspective of court/field sport, rather than a powerlifting/bodybuilding perspective, so I could be wrong. I agree with the flat bench though, it is your best bet as a chest compound exercise. Incline can be good if you do a higher version (and want to take stress of your shoulder).
  5. The Workout Thread

    100x yes. I think proper progression is important too (example Goblet squat building up to properly squatting with a bar etc..)
  6. NHL 18 Thread

    I wish for BaP you could play oversees. It'd be cool to play in Swe-u18 team and get CHL Drafted or stay there and play pro and have that effect where you get picked in the NHL draft etc..
  7. Oh. Check his instagram. Virtanen is putting in a ton of work this off season. Looks in way better shape two months out from pre-season than he has all year, including the end of the AHL season.
  8. [Signing] Canadiens re-sign Carey Price

    Personally I don't think so. Of course he will get paid, but Horvat does need seem like the type of player who would demand that he'll get paid. I doubt Crosby was either, but Horvat is also no Crosby. Canucks will probably offer him around 5-5.5 million for about 3-4 years. After that I am thinking similar to a Sedin contract. Don't think he's making 9 million anytime soon.
  9. I agree. With that being said there is a small part of me that hopes the character of Canucks management, Sedins and Horvat that would show him how to he a character player, and at this point he may do anything to even play. Some people thrive under being benched, others just need to get shown some love hah.
  10. [Signing] Canadiens re-sign Carey Price

    I completely agree. Horvat is a great example. He has the potential to be an exceptional two-way type player that may only get max 80 pts in a season, but will be great in all zones and never demand around 9million.
  11. I love the personalities that Benning has gathered. Free agents who did solid in their roles on previous teams, but are looking for a bigger opportunity. Vancouver has gathered a solid pool of players to look forward to.
  12. I am almost positive, as in, I just thought about this right now, the hope is Del Zotto shows strong puck moving skills similar to Erhoff for Newell PP.
  13. You are fast. Bravo.
  14. [Rumour] Leon Draisaitl may be traded this summer

    CDC has just not changed for me in the last 10 years.
  15. [Signing] Canucks Sign Nilsson

    Yall trying to beat out Vintage Canuck