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  1. Moltres isn't in the game yet none of the legendaries are. Could have been many things, Charizard, Aerodactly, Goldeen (which shadowed out just happens to look like a rare pokemon no one has ever seen before).
  2. Or just catch the 30 pidgeys to get both evolved forms. It doesnt take that long for a pidgey to evolve.
  3. When you're with wind, it never goes up!
  4. Anyone hear anything about the potential ban for people who have gotten the apk file?
  5. Good article. I like what Jarvis is going to bring to the team too. Sounds like someone who will help our PP, but more importantly impact our younger guys to be more than just a goal scorer, but a two-way player, which I think will work well for someone like Virtanen who has speed and strength.
  6. 6'3 and 3/8
  7. Can't see Columbia moving their first. I am not sure that PLD Is going to make them all of a sudden a playoff team. Not out of the question, but still a risk they end up giving us a potential top 10 pick.
  8. This is a 2015/16 roster update for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 (formerly known as EHM Early Access). This is the third version to be released this season. This is a START OF SEASON roster which means that roster transactions have been frozen as of 6 October 2015. This season we are trialling using a start of season roster update as there seems to be a high demand for this and it will allow us to get more work done on the database rather than simply continuing to update the same teams rosters throughout the season.When importing the database into EHM 1, please make sure that you tick the "Recalculate Runtime Data" box to ensure that player stats are correctly recalculated. The Importing function moves some teams to other leagues as part of the importing process and so the runtime data needs to be recalculated at the same time. thats from the 8.2 update and their reasoning.
  9. I don't know if they are doing roster updates anymore, they might just change them at the beginning of next season, but I think they had a message that said they weren't doing them because it was easier not too or something.
  10. I feel regardless that if the Sedins sign again it will come cheaper. They know they aren't the 100 pt players they used to be. I would hope their mindset would be to stick around as second liner players when the newer core takes over and take a paycut to help continue to build the team for the future rather than ask for even more money.
  11. Same issue, not sure why. Super annoying.
  12. This is a good signing. Good price and a replacement for Gudbranson. While I like gudbranson better of course Florida made good work to have their backend relevant.
  13. Different team can change a lot of a player
  14. Couldn't agree more. Nows the time to get him if we ever wanted to consider him.