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  1. Jett Woo | D

    I lived near Moose Jaw last year and will back near August. Watched this guy play live and will hopefully see him a few times next year. I'll make sure to give you guys some updates. He's been a solid defenseman for Moose Jaw for sure, so I think this is a great pick.
  2. NHL 19 Thread

    When the reading about some of the features. The one thing that bothered me was about 3 of the "new stuff" mentioned the outdoors, and two of the mentioned skating. I felt as if j read five little tidbits that only talked about two things. Still probably will get it and play, but I am hoping for some new stuff here.
  3. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    I always try the new updates. I'd like game overall to be updated, but oh well. It's fun trying out new stuff, new rosters etc..
  4. Tell me about Kelowna

    Lived there in the summer. Pros Sun, everything is about 15 minutes away, lots of outdoor activities if that interests you (frisbee golf, beach volleyball, swimming, grass volleyball, music in the park, quality people, hiking, bike riding, walks, lake for boating, wake surfing etc..), downtown is very nice to walk around. Cons Fire warnings, often smoke in the air, the main road is very busy to get out of around the 5 o clock rush. Is pricey, I believe Peachland or pentiction is a bit cheaper than Kelowna and both are very nice as well. While most take 15 minutes, there are very few places that do take over 30 minutes to get too if you wish to go there and the traffic is annoying when that happens
  5. The Workout Thread

    I am not a doctor so I cannot safely comment on that. My Dad, Stepmom and Sister have seen great results from Keto without those issues. It might be a diet that effects people differently. I do know it is recommended for "safe quick fat loss" but may not be recommended long-term. I have also heard that based on keto being a High fat-moderate protein-low carb there can be risks if you take excessive amounts of protein, however I've never heard of the bile stones before. Hopefully your friend safely had it figured out!
  6. The Workout Thread

    Yeah for landscaping it was the same time really, also with the commute. Goal setting is the way to go. Keeps you looking forward and wanting to achieve it. At least from my perspective I think so
  7. Lightning Strikes Church

    Since when is lightning a deliberate act of God to harm someone?
  8. The Workout Thread

    If you are able to go before I have found that helps. However, as an electrical apprentice your shifts might make that difficult depending on how early or late you start. I did landscaping for a bit one summer and found it difficult to go into the gym afterwards so that was hard. In terms of on days you feel tired or unmotivated, goal setting can help because you want to achieve your set goal. Can give some motivation. Diet can be good for energy and not feeling as exhausted depending on what you eat.
  9. The Workout Thread

    Nice! I think its great you are still doing heavy days. I know lots of people shy away from them on caloric deficits.
  10. I think Sundin had a larger influence on Kesler than he did the Sedins. For some reason I recall Trent Klatt having an impact on them, but I could be way off on that one lol. Realistically it is hard to gauge. What does having an impact technically mean? Is it an ability to put up numbers, is it the ability to be leaders, or even to show professionalism? Henrik did have his best season after Sundin left, but he was a solidified 1st line player for a few years before that. I think it is kind of subjective. Now, more than one person can teach a player something, but when individuals such as Linden, Ohlund and Naslund are on the team, I feel they would have made a greater impact before Sundin even got there. I am sure he had some form of an impact though. I am not trying to say your opinion is horrible so I hope you aren't hearing that. I just am not so sure that correlation works (Sundin -> Sedins, Sedins -> Pettersson). I kind of like the line up of Kane/Forward pick this year - Petterson - Boeser Leipsec - Horvat - Virtanen Sedin - Sedin - Archibald (if they come back) Gaunce - Sutter - Gagner Clearly, I am missing Baertschi and Granlund and others I am not sure how much they are needed at this point. Most likely replace Sedins if they can.
  11. The Workout Thread

    Nice, what are you goals exactly? Just curious, not trying to give information like a know it all! Yeah, I am not 100% certain BCAAs do anything either... I find I like sipping on something low-calorie, that isn't water. It does make me feel a bit better when fasted, but that might be just a personal preference. In terms of diet, I've heard the same. I don't do keto exactly... maybe more anabolic style/paleo, the high fat type rather than the homegrown sweet potato/yam etc.. My Dad, sister and stepmom have all been doing Keto. Dad has lost over 45lbs in the last 2 months. Sister I think is at 15-20lbs. Not sure about stepmom, maybe 10. I've heard great results from it. Realistically it definitely comes down to what one enjoys most and can keep consistent. I don't do well with carbs so I try high fat as much as possible, but boy do I love bread and chips haha.
  12. The Workout Thread

    I love training fasted, while sipping on BCAAs. I don't at the moment with my schedule since I work super early. I enjoy having some lunch before hand, which typically is high fats, good protein and minimal carbs. That's just my preference of eating at this stage. That is sweet that you've gotten better after an injury. Those can be discouraging! What does your heavy and lighter days typically look like? From my personal experience I have usually had heavy push days with weights and the lighter days are more higher rep stuff (weighted pushups, 12-15 rep prone DB flys, or pullups). I'm sure if you keep pushing through things will go well.
  13. The Workout Thread

    Based on my research, programming from personal trainer and first-hand experience. This is true,
  14. Last Fall's Mistake?

    Honestly, I think Gadjovich would be great with them. Brings a scoring touch, hard-working with grit, and is improving on speed. Has a slower, but similar style to Horvat in terms of the drive to the net hard work attitude. (at least what I have heard/seen from him) I think Kane would be a solid fit with Petterson. Kane-Petterson-Goldy/Virtanen would have some nice flair too it. I don't think Petterson needs a grinder/tough guy to protect him, but guys like Kane and Virtanen, who have some size, strength and scoring touch (Kane, hopefully one day Virtanen) would compliment Petterson's skill.
  15. The Workout Thread

    @NucksPatsFan Anabolic Fasting? :D I'd say you could strength train with HIIT at the end and look leaner. Then after the wedding, which got lost in the mail for me (hahah), train the running/body stuff for tough mudder?