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  1. The Workout Thread

    Not sure if you are lifting weights or just doing cardio, but I would recommend 3x a week full-body split, or 4x lower/upper body split (ex: mon, Tuesday, Thurs, Friday). Cardio you can do after your workout. You will burn more fat doing weights by building muscle and progressive overload than you will by doing just cardio. The key is to remember you are wanting to body fat, not weight. So while heavy lifting you may only lose 4lbs when you feel you should have lost 8, but it could be 3.5lbs of fat rather than 3lbs fat, 5 water and feeling like garbage. Keep working at it! Patience is key, even when you feel you have "stalled" you are better than you were even a few weeks ago!
  2. The Workout Thread

    I like doing it, it helps me limit calories. Some say if you work out during the fasting phase it helps with your growth hormone as well. Also, losing 0.5-1lb of fat every week is a really good rate, even if you stall so don't except that a major difference will happen after one week of trying. At least try 3-4 weeks and gauge from there. I think you still need to maintain a high protein intake and limit complex carbs to after your workouts. The "scientific, smart answer to the average Joe" will say. IF can help you be conscious with what you eat, however, if you are eating more calories than you burn, regardless of IF, you will not see any results and gain weight. Doesn't matter about anything else. I am not exactly for that statement 100%, but it does hold a lot of truth.
  3. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    I think he is a great commentator. Somewhat seems to be near the end of fighting (but has a few more fights to give). I am hoping he starts to do this full time with Joe. They have great chemistry.
  4. The Workout Thread

    Unilateral typically always burns more calories. If I am doing either Front or Back squats for 3x5 at an 8-9/10 difficulty and 3x5 for split squats 8-9/10. which is almost like doing 6 sets, it will be more workload. I wouldn't necessarily attribute short breaks for lighter weight. I don't consider myself to be a very strong lifter, however, I have done 4x4-5 Bulgarians with 55s in each hand (which was heavy for myself personally) utilizing 60s breaks in-between both legs, this is during the same session where I would have done Front Squats 3x5. Not saying that makes me a great lifter, but from my experience of Personal trainers giving the sports team I was on workout programs, single leg type squats where more of an accessory as opposed to the #1 main lift. I have also had the same experience of feeling bagged though too. Squat 8-9/10 3x5, tired, but no problem. Do 3x8-12 Bulgarians, feel like I am going to throw up.
  5. Olli Juolevi | D

    Yeah, that is a good point, just like how some forwards get spread out for offence too. I have high hopes for Juolevi, I hope he proves a lot of people wrong who were quick to judge him. I think he'll will make us see Benning had the right idea taking him.
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    I think Juolevi becomes our #3 guy. Second line pairing, possibly anchors the top PP with Hughes, first or second PK. He could be a #2 if we are content to have two left-handed defensemen. However, with the emergence of Hughes and what he potentially brings. I don't see Juolevi beating him out for a #1 spot at least. I also think that is better for Juolevi too. He could be an incredible #3 guy and I'd easily be happy with 40-50 pts.
  7. No. We chose not to qualify him.
  8. The Workout Thread

    The beauty of unilateral training. Rest time changeups I think are really good. For example, if you squat 3x5 and rest 60s in-between each set, when you change to split squats you can do 90s after doing both legs or you can drop the rest down to say 30-45s, but in between legs. When we did Bulgarians for college our variations sometimes were. 4x4-5, 60s rest 4x8-12, 90s rest 4x6-8 with 2-second rest or 3 second eccentric, 30s rest between both legs Each one, however, would have different rest times, ways of performing. I also think 6 sets is very high in my opinion. 4x4-5 Bulgarian Split Squats with a 60s rest. It will suck, but you won't feel like absolute garbage at the end.
  9. Not a problem man. Glad I could help in some way, whether logical or emotional. I am not so sure about the mood shift. It can easily be something to try and win you back etc... I personally think it is important to stick to the decision you make and don't keep going back and forth with it. As you said it is exhausting and it will continue to be so I think. You've started to come to peace about stuff, this is a good challenge to stick with it. I think it helps in general with learning to be confident in our decisions and recognizing they are not meant to devalue us or other people, but are meant to ultimately be uplifting for both individuals (hopefully) at some point later in life.
  10. For the first portion, it can be inconsistent yeah. It is hard to gauge really and ultimately I think that comes up to your discretion about whether you want to pursue that or not. You can play it out, but don't drive yourself nuts. Also, for both girls being in person always will be better all around. For the waiting portion, I think you are processing a big situation that involves multiple people. Are you making them wait? Yes, but you are also trying to people please and make the right decision. It takes time. However, keep in mind the ball is in your court ultimately. You know both sides and are processing yourself. I don't think you are intentionally wanting to make them wait, keep thinking about it. 1-2) Only pursue if you are deciding to move on from Arya. Ultimately I think your best bet is to decide on who you wish to pursue if there is one or to be alone for the time being. Don't work towards building some foundation with the other person still involved, I think your best bet is to remove yourself from AT LEAST one. I am not really sure about the comfortableness about Arya. Could be that you are less stressed about it at and it is projecting onto your other relationship. Maybe you are happy about Bree, it makes you happy and therefore it shows with Arya? Not really sure either there. I can agree I have had times where I've thought about more than one girl I'd pursue type deal, but I never commit to more than one. 3) Maybe I wasn't clear. I did look back often. I actually used to think the next girl I would date would either be the same situation, make me feel like I made a mistake, or make me realized I made the right choice. Haven't dated anyone since (3 years ago, yes single guy giving you advice here), but I have looked at where life has taken me. Moved over two provinces, lived in Kelowna for a summer doing an internship etc.. all that would not have happened if I had chosen to stay with the girl. She was hard to love at times and it drained me. I recognized my personality could not handle that during that time of my life. I think the reality of your situation is someone will be hurt. You can't have both worlds, unfortunately. You will get hurt even more, and one or both will also get hurt. Part of life my man. It really sucks to break it off with someone. 4) Similar answer to 1-2. Don't make any move until you have made a decision. I don't think it would be good to fly out to Arya, see how it goes... fly out to Bree, see how it goes and make a decision. I mean, the reality here is that you have just touched the surface on learning about both of these girls. Six months (I think it is less if I recall, just using a marker) is not even a long time when you think about lifelong commitment etc.. Yes, your heart is invested, but at this point, you are just learning about both of them. My reasoning behind some of the answers is that I think it is valuable for you to learn how to give yourself to one person. Not that you have never done that or are incapable. However, don't give half your heart, when the other half is with someone else. Also, as stated before, scratching the surface of getting to know someone. Maybe shouldn't even be thinking about giving your whole heart etc.. 5) I can't really decide that one for you, unfortunately. However, from a logical standpoint. If things with Bree are slowly developing, you could choose her and go to my above advice. Build a friendship, learn about her, chat, don't give all of yourself and rush into making something happen. Now, I will give the warning. You can choose that option and have her turn you away and you are left with nothing, which would be a good time to recognize you didn't necessarily make a wrong choice, just had expectations unmet. On the other hand, you could move on from Bree and work to mend things with Arya, relearn about her, rebuild the foundation of your relationship and take things slow again, not rushing into stuff. The same scenario, she could end up not wanting you too and you are left with unmet expectations. Both scenarios I think are important to recognize that if you choose one and the other decides to not want you, doesn't mean you made the wrong choice... call it cliche, but it just was not meant to work out. I know that does not answer the question for you but maybe gives you a bit to think about from a "logical" step-by-step sort of way.
  11. Sorry for the late reply, busy day. I'll comment in sections here based on what you have talked about. This might sound "lessony" haha, so bear with me here. The key word I wanna use here is humility. The reason being is because there are multiple parties in this scenario, which not only include your communication with two different people but their knowledge that there is someone else in the picture. I personally think humility is one thing almost every human avoids. We tend to feel entitled, blame others before reflecting on ourselves and point out a scenario in which someone did something wrong before ever looking at ourselves. The other reason why I wanted to point out this idea is that, ultimately, one cannot change someone's heart. It is a harsh reality, also one that I have had to recognize when pursuing another as well. 1.) Here is where pushing away isn't necessarily the best response. Blaming says "pushing away". Humility says "I have needs, they are not being met". Arya has needs too. They might include you not being in the picture either, which then I would agree she is being immature in "pushing you away". I don't think she can push you into Bree, to be honest. Rather, Arya might have felt unsafe, Bree feels safe, therefore you want the connection with Bree. Typically in marriage scenarios, an affair does not happen because one party just wants to have sex. It might of course, but usually it probably comes from some sort of internal desire of not feeling needed/wanted and the situation not being dealt with, but can be found in another person. Not trying to compare you to a marriage scenario, especially since I commented earlier on the fact you are not tied down. However, it is as I said before, the idea that during that time Bree felt safe, which ultimately led you to leave the emotional unmet needs of Arya and going towards the emotional security of Bree. It's possible this response paints the picture that Arya is a better choice. However, I will resort back to my previous statement, you cannot change someone's heart. You can ask here how to make things right if she has needs you are not meeting, how can you make her feel more loved etc.. but at the moment if she chooses to turn away it is her choice. Once again, try to take it from the perspective of what are things you have been doing (what are your expectations, desires met and unmet that are being played out in the scenario. You cannot change someone else, but you can reduce the things you may be doing. It's an important skill to learn. 2) Inconsistencies with someone you have not met scream a red flag in my opinion. Specifically for YOUR health. One day on, one day off. Is this going to change once dating? I am not so sure. It might, but is it worth all this effort to figure out? That I don't think so. This is part of the guilty trap I think Bree is playing you into. If someone is making you feel bad for not always being there for them, telling you they had feelings, now they don't but want them back etc.. it sounds very controlling. Sure a third-party is saying she likes you. However, her actions at this point kind of point to someone who is not wanting to commit, but wanting you to wait around too. Remember, you have a life, you have other people who can invest in you the way you invest in them. Don't let someone drag you down. 3) What I meant was, you had commented about your insecurities of a schedule difference affecting you emotionally. The example you gave was, you and your friend always hang out, he gets a gf, now you don't. I was saying don't worry about it. Was a very minor thing. You actually sound a lot like me when I was younger. I used to spend so much time on what ifs, chasing after girls for 10 months before asking them out. Did not want to hurt anyone, wanted everyone to be happy etc. Overthought, always checked my phone. It really comes down to you man. This isn't some self-help book claiming "you control you" crap, but rather, there goes an interesting saying haha that says "be the person you are looking for, is looking for". Typically what it means is, if you are looking for someone who is caring, self-giving, shows interest, wants to do things etc.. be open to communicate and work through stuff.. you need to also be that person. Right now, I think you have an opportunity to be mature, ask mature questions, grow from the experience etc.. but also work towards becoming that person. It can be very difficult when people are dragging you down all the time too. I'm not perfect in any of those areas either, but I've recognize there are a lot of things I am not good at that I feel I should be working towards before ever being with someone such as basic life skills of cooking, cleaning, laundry to self care of going to the gym, eating healthy to more important stuff of how am I treat people etc.. You can do all of this in a relationship, but it can also be a good time of singleness to grow in those areas too. Sounds like I am giving Dad advice haha, but I dunno man... you sound a little lost on what the right answer is. I can't tell you the right one. You can either drop Arya, try to fix things with Bree. Drop Bree, try to fix things with Arya or you can drop both. Whatever you choose to do, know you made the right choice. I've broken up with someone and wondered if I ever made the right choice. Took a while, but I came to the conclusion I did when I recognized how I acted, how I was emotionally and how I have worked to become better for the next person. All things that may not have happened in that other relationship. There's my long rant haha. You can reply with as many questions as you like, might take awhile to respond, but I'll get around too it within the day hopefully.
  12. The Workout Thread

  13. The Workout Thread

    Yeah, Nuckspatsfan would be great for this. Might I suggest, Bulgarian Split Squats as an alternative? Sounds like you are having low back pain. They could help. With that being said, take @NucksPatsFan advice over me. I've literally gone to him personally (also because he's one of my closest friends). Very good at what he does.
  14. Alright, I'll bite and I'll be a little blunt (from my own perspective) It sounds to me like you desire words of affirmation and long for physical time together with someone. Two things that you are not receiving within both of these relationships. I am not saying online dating is wrong, but I feel maybe your expectation of them lined up with what you prefer are not exactly coherent. Potentially based off of my above point, you have reached the conclusion, which most people typically do in relationships, "that the grass is greener on the other side". Arya starts to feel distant, Bree starts to come close, therefore Bree has to be the better option. I mean, how could she not? She is fulfilling your desires of wanting to be wanted. What confuses me, however, is that you are in a relationship with someone, but you are also giving time to another person, telling them you have feelings for them, but are with someone else etc.. In my opinion man, you should have never even gotten to that place. No, you are not married and lifetime committed to Arya, so in a way, you could have broken things off before you even took your second trip. However you didn't, which is not wrong, but basically in my opinion, if your mindset is to treat these relationship(s) as something serious, you are having an internet affair/cheating on Arya. Maybe others or yourself don't see it that way, but I do. I understand as humans, you can be with someone, and then connect well with another person, but when it comes to that, it needs to be broken very quickly. A connection with someone (Bree) doesn't mean you should date her. However, if you don't cut the ties very quickly, it will turn into a fulfilment of your own desires that will end up hurting someone else (Arya). Now it seems what has happened here is you have rekindled things with Arya... but are still upset over everything this Bree girl is doing? You've talked to Arya about everything, she pushes you away still and then you head over to Bree to talk about it, who used to like you and now may like you again? I could be wrong, but it sounds like Arya does not really care about your relationship, and Bree is just putting you on the B team here. Personally, man, you seem younger than me, I think. (I am 25), but I will say this. I would end both of those relationships. They are clearly not healthy for you in any way possible. If Arya is pushing you away, cut it loose. It's not "giving up", it's recognizing that both of you clearly are not wanting to put the effort into long distance. That's okay, you'll find someone closer or someone who will. Cut it off, what happens afterwards you are not responsible for. You are attempting to be a better you. You want to give yourself to one person, don't play with two people and better yet, two people who are draining you emotionally to the point you can't even give any part of yourself. Secondly, Bree, cut ties with her too. As I said before, she has put you on the B team. I've been there before. She is keeping you around, blaming you for not being there, when in reality, yes be there for your friends, but it's not your fault. Second, if her feelings left that fast, the same thing is going to happen with her that did with Arya, she will just stop trying. You are getting jealous over her other online friends, while you too are also an online person to her at this moment. You can cut ties with her and whatever happens afterwards, in my opinion, is also not your responsibility. She cannot say "it would destroy me for you to leave my life". That is a controlling and abusive man. She is using your emotional support for her gain and then blaming you when you want to back out. I know I gave you a long post, but I have been in the position of wanting to express situations to people and not knowing what to do. I think you need to take time for yourself. Enjoy your games, enjoy your friends (don't feel bad about your friend hanging out with his girlfriend, yes he should be your friend too, but remember she is also his friend who he cares about, doesn't mean he hates you), and grow. Recognize you have certain desires that make you feel loved that both these people cannot give you at this time in either of your lives. (in my opinion.) Also, if you want to do counselling, sure go for it, you can learn a lot about yourself. However, it does not sound like you are messed up and desperately need a counsellor either. Learn from the experience, learn makes you feel loved, and find someone you can trust to share that with. Which sounds like someone who needs to be a lot closer by.
  15. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing it too. Very simple and addicting haha.