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  1. Forester, but you gotta go with the turbocharger option.
  2. Boats and hoes. But seriously, I'd just get a big property in the middle of nowhere and adopt 20 dogs.
  3. I've worked with dogs at every job I've had in the last 10 years. While I wouldn't say it's a common problem, I do see it occasionally and it seems to mostly be German Shepherds. I'd recommend first taking him to the vet to rule out any sort of health issue. Some vets also sell something called "For-Bid" which is a powder you add to their food that will deter them from eating their poop. I haven't tested it out so I can't comment on the efficacy of it though. Something I have tried which seemed to work most of the time is pineapple; just add a slice or 2 to each meal and it apparently makes their poop taste terrible. What kind of food are you feeding him?
  4. I worked at an animal shelter for years. Sometimes it felt like the best job ever, at times it was the worst. Some happy endings but saw so many abused animals, and people who dumped their sick and old animals without a care in the world. I don't think I ever got used to it, but I got used to suppressing my feelings. I went from bawling publicly to being able to hold it back until I got home, to being unable to ever cry at all. I could watch a dog or cat that I had been caring for for years and be able to act like nothing had happened. I had to quit eventually because I couldn't handle it, I could never sleep at night, I couldn't stay in any relationship long term because I had constant angry outbursts, and I was always too tired to hang out with friends. I almost never took any time off and when I did, I felt guilty about it. I guess compared to that experience, working at a vet clinic was way less stressful. Yeah, there are sick/injured animals, euthanasias, and difficult clients, but at least for the most part, the animals were loved. Unlike most of my coworkers, I don't find euthansias hard, because I don't feel like I have to grieve for the animals, they have owners that do that. And I don't go home from work worrying about the animals like I did at the shelter, they have owners that'll fuss over them.
  5. Vet tech... basically a nurse but for animals and with crappy pay. Have to clean up a lot of pee and poop and vomit and blood and get bitten/scratched a lot. Still better than having to deal with people though.
  6. I definitely wouldn't recommend an exclusively dry food diet even if she has bad teeth, and it's odd that your vet would say that. Cats don't drink a lot of water, so they rely on their diet for hydration. A kibble-only diet can lead to kidney problems. As for a specific food, I can't really make any recommendations without knowing what if any health problems she may have, but just stay away from any of the brands you can get at a grocery store. Cats love them but they often cause crystals and urine blockage.
  7. Not sure about the fuel itself but in regards to the card thing yes, I know a couple people who've had unauthorized purchases on their card after using it at Petro Canada.
  8. I wouldn't say they make their prices high for the purpose of forcing people to buy insurance. I mean yeah, vet care is expensive but you gotta remember it is just a business like any other. It's not subsidized by the government nor do they receive donations to offset costs. And the costs of running a clinic are very high. Things like x-ray machines and blood testing machines are expensive to lease. And some tests have to be sent off to a lab which is also costly. While many vets encourage people to get pet insurance I wouldn't say that there's any collusion between them. Yes of course there's a benefit to clients having insurance because they are less likely to refuse tests and treatment. But that also benefits the pet. It may seem like vets are constantly pushing for seemingly pointless tests, and I don't doubt that some will do that, but with the pet unable to talk and tell you about their pain and discomfort, tests and x-rays are their main diagnostic tools. Unless there's an obvious injury vets can't diagnose most things just by looking and poking at a patient. That being said I do feel bad for people and their pets who can't afford proper vet care. An animal shouldn't have sub par medical care just because his owner isn't rich. But what can you do? When I worked at clinics I often had people complain to me that their dog's/cat's medical care cost more than their own. Well... no, your medical care costs more but that's why you pay taxes.
  9. So I did one shift, pretty sure it wasn't a tryout. No manager/supervisor present to evaluate my performance and they conveniently arranged it on a day they were short staffed. I will definitely demand to be paid.
  10. I've worked in animal care pretty much my whole career, including at a few vet clinics. Unfortunately vet care is quite expensive. There are places that are cheaper but you get what you pay for, cheaper places tend to use outdated equipment/medications, and aren't as uptight about sterilizing and following proper procedures and whatnot. That being said, blood tests are sent off to the lab anyway so it's pretty much the same wherever you go, just call around and ask about prices. If you're JUST testing for diabetes, you can ask for a Fructosamine test (usually ~$50-60 plus the blood collection fee) which is a lot cheaper than a full blood panel, but I would recommend doing a full blood panel just to check for any other problems.
  11. Yea the more I thought about it, the more shady it seemed. Now I don't know if I should not show up at all, or do it but demand to be paid after.
  12. Well their reasoning, or at least the what the manager told me was, because I'd be quitting my current job to work this one, they don't want me quitting if it wasn't going to work out.
  13. Almost didn't read this thread because of the block of text in the OP but so glad I stuck with it. Reminds me of this: Not quite as epic but it's got potential