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  1. Yup. I found the survey was riddled with leading questions to try and sway people who might not have enough background information about the electoral systems being discussed. I hope they aren't trying to use this as some sort of proof that people want to keep FPTP because ... really? This is no more than a glorified personality quiz, and I cannot believe that the Federal government is spending money promoting this.
  2. I will respectfully disagree. I, too, grew up in Vancouver and moved out to Toronto about 3 years ago. I don't think that it's that Torontonians don't have a "we're the best" attitude, it's that they don't bother with the comparisons because they don't feel the need to defend the statement. They are very aware that the rest of the country (especially Vancouver/the west coast) have a bit of an inferiority complex (for a variety of reasons, sports and politics included) and aren't afraid to embrace it - as evidenced by their "Toronto vs. Everybody" sweaters. I've had plenty of people tell me that Vancouver is boring and that clearly the reason I'm in Toronto is because Vancouver sucks (with no knowledge of my background or reasoning). There isn't so much a "hatred" for anyone else here, but a serious "haters gonna hate" attitude that is born out of a strange American-style patriotism for Toronto.
  3. I'd imagine that PETA would be against the use of horse-drawn carriages altogether.
  4. Oh geez. I live in Toronto and can feel the smug setting into the city - good thing I don't work with too many hardcore Leafs fans...
  5. I've still not got that elusive Bulbasaur, but I think I've hatched 2 or 3 charmanders from 2k eggs now. I've found that 5 k eggs are mostly duds for me =(.
  6. Ouch =(. I sat down on a bench to grab a gym on my way back from the grocery store and the guy sitting next to me (who I assume was the original holder of the gym) shot me the dirtiest look ever as I got up to leave. Niantic are going to have to come up with a better update than just appraisals if they want to stop hemorrhaging players.
  7. To be fair, I don't think she had anything to do with those ads. Her biggest mistake was not looking at them first and not keeping her party in line with regards to the attack ads. Re: Stephen Harper.... I won't miss him, but nor will I pretend that Justin Trudeau is as good as his PR team makes him look. Stephen Harper will probably go down as one of the most polarizing figures in Canadian politics in a long while. Trudeau will probably be able to ride the "fixing Harper's mess" to a 2nd term, then the fairy dust will wear off and people will finally stop treating him like a celebrity and more like a politician.
  8. I'm really torn about the guy. Knowing his journey to where he is now and how he treats people off the pitch makes me want to like him....but then he can be such an asshole on the pitch... I hate Hope Solo, but I think the punishment was excessive. They could have easily just quietly never picked her again for USWNT and I think most people would have been fine with it.
  9. I've lost interest in the season pretty a few weeks back ... pretty much at the battle I'm pretty out of the loop, but weren't we all talking about how annoying Paul was and that he had to go in the first few weeks?
  10. Haha, yes I'm aware. I was just pointing out that not everyone wants to be in shorts at the beach. Religion or tan lines...doesn't matter. It should be up to the individual whether they show skin - not the government. And yes, these face masks are rather frightening.
  11. Chinese beach wear. No, it's not a burkini, but just saying...people have other reasons to cover up.
  12. I think I would honestly freeze in a situation like that - not for lack of intent. Lots of times I've seen situations where, in hindsight, I could have stepped in. Just the other day a woman was being very aggressively catcalled while I was biking by, and before I could even process the situation/ask how the woman if she was ok, it was over and everyone had walked away. That said, if it was a situation that allowed for time to process (like donating a kidney), yes - I'd probably do it.
  13. Stream for tonight's match vs SKC:
  14. US runner stepped over the line, so they got DQ? So you can be "on" the line, but not over?
  15. LOL. the hell just happened?