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  1. Weren't we seeing a shift towards punishment under Harper?
  2. Preach! I was lucky enough to find a second passion in Classical Studies when I took them as my arts electives, it ended up boosting my overall GPA (too bad nobody in my field cares about arts electives ;)) but I know plenty of people who took the same courses thinking it'd be an easy A and walked away with low Bs or Cs.
  3. This. The premise of this particular thread was essentially "look at all of these SJWs being offended" and was set up for debate, the Cosby thread wasn't.
  4. Define University experience? Both are accredited universities, but if you mean campus life..I don't know if it's a school-specific issue? I went to UBC and didn't really do the whole campus spirit thing - which I do regret, but that's on me. I worked part-time at the library and I studied and hung out with friends off campus. However, I do know people who had fun at SFU (stayed in res) and had a good experience there, so I would argue that university is what you make of it, if that makes sense. Of course, you might have another perspective on this. Certainly if someone was part of the Greek System at UBC (which I've hard is the biggest in Canada), it's wildly different to what I experienced.
  5. Is it just me, or Brek Shea kind of hard to cheer for? edit: And by that, just kind of unlikeable...?
  6. Definitely got a little emotional reading that. Even as it became clear that this team wasn't going to be cup-contenders anymore, you could always always count on Burr to put 100% into each shift. Non-Canuck fans have never truly understood what a good guy Burr is, hopefully things start to change now that he's played somewhere else... I remember when I was teenager, I was flying out to Montreal right after the Canucks season had ended. It was early in the morning and I was groggy and really not paying attention to my surroundings as I went through security. I barely took note when the security guy complimented me on my Canucks shirt, I barely took note of the guy who walked by me with a Canucks duffel bag. Then as getting ready to board the plane, I realized that Alex Burrows had been ride ahead of me in the security line-up (he was the guy with the duffel and the reason the the CATSA guy commented on my shirt)...and not only that, I actually sat right in front of Burr on the flight, who was travelling with his wife and his two cats. Before the flight took off, lots of kids had run up to him and asked for an autograph - he graciously obliged. I eventually mustered up the courage to turn around and ask him for an autograph myself ( I didn't feel like it was appropriate that he sign my Stan Smyl shirt, so I now have an Alex Burrows signed boarding pass tacked on the wall by my desk at home). The most cringe-worthy part of the story though is that it was a particularly bumpy landing, and as we were waiting to get off the plane, I turned around intending to make some intelligible comment wishing him a nice off season or good luck next season...but all I could muster was, "Are your cats OK?." He looked a little taken aback but kind of chuckled and said they were fine....I was so embarrassed that I just turned around got off the plane. I think that will always go down as one of my favourite and but also mortifying Canucks-related experiences.
  7. lol. well he did win the chance to play again!
  8. I'm 8/27 so far. This is probably the best record I've ever had with roll up...
  9. Anyone know if any refs/linesmen are out with the mumps?
  10. My impression is that the proceeds were to go to charity? I also just found their facebook page where Jay posted a video stating they were supporting charities with this money. I mean, yes - he could just donate 50k to a charity, but who's to say he doesn't already do that? edit: Found this tucked away further down the kickstarter page. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it now...I think the intentions are good, but they probably would have been better off funding the 50k elsewhere and using the kickstarter purely for the charity fundraiser.
  11. Yup. I found the survey was riddled with leading questions to try and sway people who might not have enough background information about the electoral systems being discussed. I hope they aren't trying to use this as some sort of proof that people want to keep FPTP because ... really? This is no more than a glorified personality quiz, and I cannot believe that the Federal government is spending money promoting this.
  12. I will respectfully disagree. I, too, grew up in Vancouver and moved out to Toronto about 3 years ago. I don't think that it's that Torontonians don't have a "we're the best" attitude, it's that they don't bother with the comparisons because they don't feel the need to defend the statement. They are very aware that the rest of the country (especially Vancouver/the west coast) have a bit of an inferiority complex (for a variety of reasons, sports and politics included) and aren't afraid to embrace it - as evidenced by their "Toronto vs. Everybody" sweaters. I've had plenty of people tell me that Vancouver is boring and that clearly the reason I'm in Toronto is because Vancouver sucks (with no knowledge of my background or reasoning). There isn't so much a "hatred" for anyone else here, but a serious "haters gonna hate" attitude that is born out of a strange American-style patriotism for Toronto.
  13. I'd imagine that PETA would be against the use of horse-drawn carriages altogether.
  14. Oh geez. I live in Toronto and can feel the smug setting into the city - good thing I don't work with too many hardcore Leafs fans...
  15. I've still not got that elusive Bulbasaur, but I think I've hatched 2 or 3 charmanders from 2k eggs now. I've found that 5 k eggs are mostly duds for me =(.