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  1. Whoops, I overslept. How was the first set? The scoreline suggests it was pretty close, but Milos doesn't look as "on" least not since I've tuned in.
  2. We knew the neighbours pretty well in the house I grew up in. On the right was an older lady that, as it turns out, is actually quite the patron of the VSB and when she throws big birthday bashes, they come and provide the music. She used to buy girl guide cookies from me when I was younger, but that's about as much interaction we would have. On the other side was an elderly couple that were absolutely lovely. We would go over for tea and they would feed our dog treats over the fence when they did their gardening (our dog got pretty fat...). We've all since moved away but still keep in touch and visit once a year during the Christmas. After moving into a condo, I've found it's really hit-or-miss. Either someone is super friendly (I've had one dog-sit for me before) or they keep to themselves.
  3. I don't remember Frank being like this in BB14? I mean, I never found him to be particularly charming, but he never stuck out as someone who was obnoxious and a bully. Also, why haven't they brought Wil back? The guy might not have been a mastermind, but he is at least entertaining (as evidenced by his weekly BB re-enactments).
  4. holy crap holy crap holy crap. It's actually happening. Milos just serving it out. Edit: Wow. Milos Raonic has come so so far. From being more or less a 1-dimensional player to what he is now. Showed 0 nerves near the end to close it out.
  5. If that idiot gets back in, I might have to stop watching until he's inevitably voted out again. It's like he doesn't know how the game works or something. Going around loudly proclaiming to be the "leader of the house" and the "messiah" while openly targeting the HOH is the dumbest strategy ever.
  6. Hahaha. I think that all the time too, but being in there must mess with your head or something...then again, the producers seem to choose 75% airheads.
  7. Is it on live feeds? From what I've seen from the aired footage, it's the "spy girls" and Paul who are working their ways into a corner. Also, did I miss something? Why was Paulie included in the 8pack? He's strong and probably would have been loyal to them for a long time.
  8. Until this season, I thought it couldn't get worse than DaVonne in terms of self-destructing inside the house but here comes Jozea to take that title...I can't wait for him and Paul to both be out. Cannot stand either of them. Dae seems to have at least learned from her mistakes last season....I think she's actually rather an intelligent player and can read people really well. If she can keep her temper in check and stick to the game plan she could do pretty well.
  9. What the actual F....
  10. I've seen people ragging on the reporter for being "condescending" in his lead up to the ISIL question. Before the clip starts, Trudeau actually said something along the lines of "I hope someone asks me about Quantum Computing" so it wouldn't be entirely wrong to suspect that maybe it was a prepared answer. At the same time, Trudeau did study engineering at one point and it's also possible that he does have a base knowledge in how computers work and understands what wave-particle duality is. As a scientist, I absolutely can appreciate that Trudeau (and the current Federal government) have shown more interest in science and research. Whether this was a prepared answer/staged question doesn't discount the fact that he took the effort to learn about it (or at least appear to care...he's a politician after all). However, I think we also have to be careful not to continue treating Trudeau like a celebrity (not referring only to this incident but a general trend)- because at the end of the day he is our Prime Minister and his actions and policies should be scrutinized just like any other Prime Minister's. Edit: BTW, I haven't actually seen what Trudeau's response to the reporter's actual question is. Should that not be what is more important here in the grand scheme of things?
  11. Ok. Can someone please explain this one to me? I have never ever felt the need to just spit in public. Is there a particular reason people (and seemingly mostly men?) feel the need to just hawk a loogie while walking down the street?
  12. Yup (albeit the wrong direction...if referencing Nazis)
  13. As a non-baseball fan (and also someone who would have been a year old, living on another continent), I had to look that one up. How did they not notice an upside down flag? I mean, it's not a complicated flag to figure out...
  14. a bit of an iffy call, but we'll take it I guess.
  15. I agree, I've got a nasty scar on my arm from getting my front wheel caught in a street car track in Toronto (and on some streets, there really is not avoiding them because of parked cars). It doesn't matter how fast you are going, once the wheel is in, it's game over. Regarding speed limits: There's a cyclist speed limit for the seawall, right? It makes sense to have one.