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  1. Yes, I agree that all payment schemes are subject to abuse; that's just human nature. The best, though, would probably be a blended model that sought to reduce such abuse. As it is, FFS does not suit our system well and I don't think many people would disagree.
  2. Good debate by all so far and a surprisingly educated one given CDC's typical posters. In regards to the patient, it is very unfortunate that he hasn't been able to see a neurologist. Like Jaimito said, that's an access issue. If the neurologist green light-ed the procedure, it'd be covered. The patient needs to advocate for himself to get expedited access to a neurologist, whether it be by being persistent or by finding an advocacy group of some sort. You CAN get expedited referrals to specialists if your condition is dire; ask my brother... Obviously it's easy to say as an outsider that isn't going through the symptoms he's experiencing, but it almost sounds like he didn't do all he could to advocate for himself and is immediately going to the last resort of selling off everything and going to the States for an expensive procedure that has no guarantees. When emotion is included in decisions, it generally clouds judgement. The pain can't be helping either. In regards to our public system, it is what it is. It needs a major overhaul. As people have said, there's bureaucracy, there's poor access, there's not enough capacity, there can be poor quality of care. As someone who works in health care administration, the absolute truth is that there is no need for a more distinct two-tiered (public/private) health care system in Canada (yes, this already exists. See: Vancouver Canucks players who get surgery immediately). The solution, then, is to change physician remuneration. The vast majority of physicians in Canada are compensated using fee-for-service. This mean they bill the provincial insurance plan for each service they render and are paid by the province. Why is this an issue? It encourages overbilling and to chug patients through their clinics like they're high throughput factories; the more patients they see the more they make. Much research has been done on physician remuneration and I side with the literature  for capitation or some other blended model. Fee-for-service just doesn't work in this day and age. Unfortunately, the physicians are an extremely powerful political group and I highly, highly doubt this will change unless there is extremely strong federal leadership. At this point, though, it appears that the federal government (whether it is the Liberals or would've been the NDP or Conservatives) want to just look for cost-savings within the current system. This isn't a bad thing, but it's only going to help slightly.
  3. No Hearing for Larrson on his hit on McCann

    5 and a game is a good call, but what upsets people is the inconsistency. Different play, sure, but remember Edler on Hertl? How is that a suspension?
  4. I'm going to repeat what some people have said about the Chinese population in Vancouver. There have been many different and distinct waves of "Chinese" immigration to Canada throughout our country's history. From the Toisan who helped build the railroads to the old Canton group in the early to mid 80s to the Taiwanese in the 90s to the  HK diaspora in 1997 to now...the Mainland Chinese who are the ones that are bringing their millions.  Before you jump to any conclusions, please keep in mind that there are generations of ethnic Chinese Canadians who have grown up here and contribute to society just like every other good Canadian. You can't paint them all with one stroke, including the Mainland Chinese, but it's best to make the distinction. Long story short, Mainland Chinese = evil
  5. Lots of dead air but does it not make your commute go by faster? Something to think about? And to say you'd rather listen to Bro Jake?!?!?! 
  6. NHL 16 Thread

    Someone make an XB1 OVP tournament!
  7. I would imagine its location and its significance to the world.
  8. Know a lot about hockey. Don't know this story. Please kindly tell.
  9. Brief Review of McDonald's McBreakfast McEgg McWrap

    The commercial makes it look amazing. I must try it soon.
  10. I will be saving every time I take the 351 on a weekday before 6:30pm!
  11. How can McCann not make the lineup over Vey? What has Baertschi done so far in pre-season?
  12. NHL 16 Thread

    Just got the game yesterday. So glad everybody's on a level playing field for EASHL now. Gives people who don't have the chance to play as much the same opportunity as people who can get their guys to Legend 3 in a week.
  13. Sad to see him retire at a young age. Newsflash to this Alex Prewitt guy though...I doubt a simple Human Biology degree will allow him to go far, even if it is from Brown.