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  1. Let's get Grabner back while we're at it.
  2. Are we talking Kassian or Ferland?
  3. Hot Rod
  4. That's all you needed to say.
  5. I'd also rather an alternate jersey that is not the same colour as the home jerseys. What about something like the Utica greens with Johnny Canuck........?
  6. Would not go well with the current interest in the Canucks. I went to the jersey unveiling in 07-08 (I know...I know) and there were a decent amount of people there. Imagine that this offseason!
  7. That's fair. If you saw a $50 bill on the ground and nobody around, would you take it? The tickets are paid for and those that are holding the tickets decided not to come. I am a polite person and usually ask the people beside the seats if they mind us sitting there and I have never had an issue. Pretty insane when you think about it that way. Think the Aquilinis will repay Canucks fans in a similar manner?
  8. I wouldn't want to attend an extremely desirable game like the last home game of the year. Good point about the Stubhub fees etc. I'm fine with the absolute worst seats. I had an 11-game ice pack in 2010-11 and the whole point was to just get in the building. RA has no bad seats imo. But, the real reason is that with so many empty seats, it's 1 period of upper bowl viewing and then 2 periods of lower bowl...even right up against the glass. Heck, I used to do this in 2010-11. Regardless of how well the team is doing, there will always be empty seats that you can snipe. Never had an issue!
  9. Sorry I should've elaborated. I mean the scheduling. I know they're monthly, but what day? What week?
  10. Trying to be optimistic.... Continued development from Bo. He could really be our Bergeron/Toews Consistency from Baertschi Promising showing from Boeser who looks NHL ready Lots of skill in Goldobin’s game, but need him to play hard (or at least score more to make up for it) Stecher and Tryamkin look like legitimate NHL dmen
  11. Just moved to Vancouver from the 'burbs recently and have been pondering getting an 11-game ice pack for next season. However, given the market and what the on-ice product is like, it seems more cost-effective (and also convenient) to just pick up tickets on the secondhand market whenever I am able to attend a game. How much have last minute (like...right before puck drop or even after puck drop) uppers gone for from scalpers this year? I see tickets on Stubhub for ~$20 USD all the time - especially for weekday games.
  12. Edler has shown he has a bomb. He just doesn't seem to want to shoot.
  13. Really surprised the PA hasn't been up in arms about this. Hockey players aren't the smartest folks out there, but most would know the difference between a neurologist and a [neuro]psychologist.
  14. 19 times before Canucks got 1st...