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  1. CanuckGAME

    Rumor New Home and Away Jerseys for Canucks

    Your schtick is getting real old. The large majority of the fan base is against Johnny canuck as the main logo. The stick in rink is fine. The original version. Not the updated. But the orca is the proper logo
  2. CanuckGAME

    Rumor New Home and Away Jerseys for Canucks

    Johnny canuck does not look good as a main logo. Not even a little. If Johnny Canuck must be apart of the franchise in any capacity it's got to be shoulder patch or nothing. Just leave the orca alone. It's our identity now
  3. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Canucks vs Sharks... LIVE EDITION

    That explains it. I just got home from work and didnt know. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  4. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Canucks vs Sharks... LIVE EDITION

    only thing I wonder is why did Greener choose the sharks game for Dipietro? Hell of a team to put a 19 year old kid in for. Could have chosen the Ducks game. I think Dipietro is going to be a hell of a goalie for us down the line, just question why choose the sharks game.
  5. CanuckGAME

    André Boudrias passes away

    Very sad to hear this. Canucks legend. I wrote Mr Boudrias a letter approx 6 months ago and he wrote me back and signed my cards. Class act.
  6. I hear ya, and I agree that the experience definitely benifits the players, but when you could pull in a very solid prospect plus a 1st rounder ++ for one of your assets(edler) and then bring him back in a few months, you definitely have to make that move It would sure be nice to have two 1st round picks at the draft.
  7. Sorry but do you actually think this team will beat any of the other playoff teams if we do make it? I love the playoffs. But I also like winning in the playoffs. This team isnt built to win or go deep into the playoffs. In 1-2 years that's when our window opens. Trade our 2 best chips and add more young guys to our core. As it stands right now, this team will get bounced in the 1st round, I'd rather keep building on what we have.
  8. Oh man if muzzin is worth this much we better move both edler and tanev and cash in. Re sign Edler in the offseason and have Hughes take over for Tanev.
  9. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Sabres @ Canucks Friday 7pm - Jan 18 2019 -

    No clue. I'm just being impatient. The games are a million times more entertaining with Elias in the lineup.
  10. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Sabres @ Canucks Friday 7pm - Jan 18 2019 -

    So much for minor mcl sprain. EP40 still out????
  11. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Oilers @ Canucks 7pm Jan 16 2019

    Markstrom is a ****in stud
  12. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Oilers @ Canucks 7pm Jan 16 2019

    What a save
  13. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Oilers @ Canucks 7pm Jan 16 2019

    This is the worst stretch of hockey I've seen Horvat play in 2 years. Just a cold streak I'm sure but this game in particular is not his best showing that's for sure..
  14. CanuckGAME

    [GDT] Yotes @ Nucks 7pm Jan 10 2019

    Bo horvat goal incoming.
  15. CanuckGAME

    The Captaincy question

    Slap the C on #53 already.