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  1. Was there really a rumor floating around that the team was for sale? I never heard it.
  2. I'm pretty damn happy he said no chance we are changing the logo. The Orca is our identity.
  3. Doesn't suprise me one but that you have herpes.
  4. How the **** is a woman supposed to think rationally when her husband was just murdered? She took the video for evidence. Not for likes. How the hell did she have her phone rammed up her butt? What an idiotic post. Like are you serious?
  5. You're a scumbag for mocking a woman whose husband was just murdered in front of her and her daughter. The fact she took a video is EXTREMELY smart of her. She was trying to remain calm, if she didn't remain calm that cop may have shot her as well. Does it make you feel good posting your trash? Maybe you should put YOUR phone to better use. Smash it on the ground.
  6. Was at shawnigan lake today. All I have to say is HOLY **** Demko is good. I didn't see a single puck make it past him today. He's also a monster in that net.
  7. I'm hoping to go tomorrow from Nanaimo. Who all have you guys seen there besides the players obviously. Has there been any sightings of the scouting staff like Delorme and Gradin? Smyl? Only asking cause I have some pictures I would love to get signed for my basement wall! Does anyone know what the whole schedule in nanaimo is for? Is the photo op for fans? Or what's going on there?
  8. I'm just curious about the development camp on the island this week. Did anyone go last year? Are people allowed to go inside and watch? Do you have to buy tickets? I just moved to the Island so I'm hoping to make the trip down to check it out as it falls on my days off. Any information is appreciated. If I go I will be sure to share some pics with the community.
  9. I should bet 20 bucks on Stamkos signing here. That's a hell of a payday.
  10. I just hit 6 months of no smoking. Smoked for 8 years, I used the patch for 3 days to take the edge off. Stage 2 of the patch, after 3 days I took it off and never looked back. The first 3 days sucks. But after that you are home free. I don't even think about smoking anymore. If you can get past the first 3 days you can do it.
  11. I agree completely. This has always been my thought. He was doing extremely well for us in his rookie year. Too bad his daddy messed with his career. Could have made something of himself.
  12. Uhhhhhh no.
  13. He didn't have those guys with him when he ripped the world juniors apart with Finland.
  14. Those fans are morons. We got an amazing player in Juolevi