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  1. I've never even seen you talk hockey on this forum before. Only come here to bitch about the logo. Get a life bro.
  2. Trade what pick, the #1? Lafreniere would be the best prospect this franchise has EVER had. Hes the best prospect since McDavid. I would trade Horvat over Lafreniere.
  3. This is the most Canucks thing ever. Now I have to hop back on tank nation even in the playoffs 2020 is a dirty bitch.
  4. Yooooo imagine the Canucks C depth Pettersson Lafreniere Horvat Gaudette
  5. Johnny Canuck looks brutal on a jersey. We would have the worst logo in the league by a huge margin if we switched to JC. Shoulder patch is fine. But as our main identity? No thanks.
  6. Its EVERYONE causing the chaos and violence.
  7. We should just change our logo to this. Best mock up I've ever seen.
  8. This is not good for us when Markstroms agent uses this contract against us...if elvis is worth 4 million markstrom must be work 9.
  9. My wife and I just sold our house last month and have been house hunting every day looking to purchase something.. Guess we will take a step back and watch everything unfold before we get back into the market..
  10. Yeah no kidding this only make sense. How does jake get a demotion while Louie remains on the top line.
  11. why the **** do we keep trading high picks? This teams bread and butter has been drafting but now were trading all of our picks. and now prospects as well. Makes a ton of sense. This team isnt a cup caliber team yet. Were not in a position to be trading picks.
  12. Simmonds is done. Has been done for 2 years. Not the guy we need.