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  1. Kesler 100% deserves to be in... one of the greatest players this franchise has ever had. You can hate the way he left but nothing will ever take his accomplishments away in this market.
  2. How about we just hope the best, most qualified candidate gets the position, regardless of race or gender.
  3. Markstrom is a beauty. Hughes holding the line off the faceoff on the final goal blew me away. I thought that was out. That kids a beauty
  4. Quinn hughes holding that line. HOLLLLLY FUARK.
  5. Rangers coach always looks like hes about to start crying.
  6. Agreed. I'm an orca fan but this skate jerseys blow the orca and the blue/green/white out of the water.
  7. I missed the beginning of the game. Was there a pre-game ceremony for the 90s? Is Bure in the house? Linden?
  8. Miller is an unbelievable player. Holy ****. I'm sorry for ever doubting you GMJB. Not going to miss that 1st rounder.
  9. Flames fans are embarrassing. Are they really "Louuuuuuu"ing Lucic when he touches the puck? Last year they were probably calling him a slug and laughing at the Oilers.
  10. Nico is NJ's 1st line center, while scoring 117 points in only 179 games. All while being VERY good defensively as a 20 year old kid. How can you even need an explanation for this?
  11. He made him his bitch? He tugged on his jersey a few times. Sit your ass down.