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  1. Atleast EP40 is making some plays. Brock is hardly even moving his feet. Every time he touches the puck he holds it too long and then shoots. Every. Damn. Time. He needs to watch some Joe Sakic videos and see that as soon as the puck touches his stick it's off like a rocket immediately.
  2. For a team with so many creative players, how is our PP so brutal? Its costing us games. Also sportnet radio... should be ashamed of themselves. Not sure who was calling the game but he legit kept going on about how Edler should be suspended for his hit... I just saw the replay and his ****ring elbow was at his waist.. how is it his problem buddy ran his head into his elbow. Also the snet radio guy said it was Steve Moore like? What the ****????
  3. Bro. Bro...... Brah. Did you make a list of greatest canucks of all time and put Danny and Hank #7 & #8?
  4. Another chance on the PP to tie it up. Should I be crying right now?
  5. 650 is unlistenable anyways. 1040 is really a great station to listen too. Ever since they got rid of their dead weight I've loved it.
  6. I for one will not miss that 1st rounder given up for Miller. Sorry for ever doubting you GMJB you beautiful man.
  7. Great ****in game Schaller, Edler, Miller huge beauties of the night.
  8. This is the best game I've seen Schaller play since being here. Extremely strong game.
  9. Edler telling all of us who were talking crap about him being on PP1, to go eat a **** sandwich