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  1. If we change to the Johnny Canuck look. I don't know if I can get on board with that. I am a thick and thin Canucks fan. I will be here until the end. But the Johnny Canuck look will not sit well with me AT ALL as a primary logo. I'm EXHAUSTED with logo changes. Keep the ****ing orca and stop changing our identity.
  2. I love Bieksa. But no thanks. This team is better off without him moving forward.
  3. This train of thought always makes me shake my head. I pay alot of money to be a fan of this team, if I want to wait around where the players come out after practice to get a photo signed for my basement wall, then I will. I've been collecting signed hockey memorabilia since I was a kid, and hope to pass my collection down to my kids one day. If what you mean is going to players hotels or stalking them in public then absolutely that isn't right. But if I'm at the arena, as a fan, it's reasonable to ask for a autograph. The player can say no, that's within their right. These guys make millions of dollars, they would just be dudes who played hockey for fun without the fans.
  4. Stopped reading that trash list after i saw Virtanen at 10.
  5. Lol. Yeah I'm sure you would. Edmonton isn't trading RNH. And if they were it wouldn't be for Tanev. I hope we stay the **** away from Eberle though.
  6. Someone's drinking the 1040 kool-aid. They were bored and had nothing to talk about all day on that bull**** station, so they MADE an issue to talk about for hours. That quote is literally not even worth a second thought and those idiots talked about it for hours. I wonder why Linden and Benning even talk to those jerk offs on 1040, every time they do their words get twisted and manipulated and turned into a negative and then they run with it and brainwash the simpletons in the fan base. They also talked half the day about how the Canucks should follow the Nashville model. Like seriously? WTF has the Predators ever done?
  7. How do you know Tkachuk is better than Juolevi? Crystal ball? People who throw Tkachuks name out there every chance they get make me shake my head.
  8. I'm totally fine with the Canucks picking a Dman. Like others have said, we stand NO chance against the Oilers in the future unless our D core is elite. I do hope that next year is the year we get our franchise #1 D this team has never had, in Dahlin. But that will take some lottery luck. WE'RE DUE DAMNIT.
  9. How's this even a poll? The way kesler left was SUPER greasy. But he will always be one of the greatest canucks of all time. Dude was an absolute warrior for us. I will never hate him.
  10. Dude. Come on.....
  11. Meh. I'm not bothered by losing by one number. Do you know how many times I've lost on scratch tickets by one number? Next year's draft is the big prize. Dahlin and Svechnikov. If we can land one of those guys we will have our elite superstar we can build around.
  12. Uh... yeah. because they relocated and weren't an expansion team.
  13. Next year's draft is one for the ages I hear with a Dman Dahlin being the prize. As canucks fans we can all come together and say "there's always next year"
  14. Literally worst case scenario. Holy **** is it ever hard being a canucks fan.
  15. Gary Bittman just smiled. We didn't win the lottery. He wouldn't be ****ing happy if we did.