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  1. Well said, I agree 100%.
  2. Anyone who expects this team to be competitive for atleast the next two seasons is being unrealistic. I laugh whenever I come onto these boards and see people furious when we lose and start calling for management's heads. We are rebuilding, adding young players, adding depth, we are still on the decline. But I'm hoping after 2 years we start seeing this team back on the upswing. Patience is going to be needed from this fan base. And asking this fan base to be patient is like trying to draw blood on a strip of beef jerky.
  3. 4 years. Wow. Guess these guys aren't the type who learn from past mistakes.
  4. I personally don't care about what is earned or fair. I care about who is most qualified to run this team. I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of watching our coaches get out coached on a nightly basis. Not saying Green will be, I just don't like the idea of yet another rookie coach, leading a bunch of rookies players.
  5. Would have rather us went to the vet Marc Crawford. Nothing against Green, but I want someone who has 'been there, done that' working with the rookies. I don't like the idea of another rookie coach, leading the way for a bunch of rookies.
  6. Hopefully the reason they haven't announced the green hiring, is they are waiting for Crawford. I really hope he comes back.
  7. Buffalo spits in your face if you offer that package for Jack Eichel. Eichel is the kind of player you build a team around. He will be top 3 in scoring next year mark my words. He is a complete douche. But his ability is elite.
  8. I don't see how people can pin this on management. Where the **** did you even hear Virtanen was promised top line minutes? Sometimes these Russian players want to play at home. And really there is no way you can't respect their wishes. It sucks for us for selfish reasons. But put yourself in their shoes and move yourself and your family to Russia where the language and culture is different and tell me you don't have a hard time adjusting. Nikita is now going back to his home, where all his family and friends are, and he will probably make MORE money than he would playing here in Vancouver. I do hope he comes back to the Canucks. But like I said. It's for selfish reasons.
  9. I'm hoping Gudbranson works his ass off this summer and can fill the void of losing Tryamkin. I really hope this is only for the 2018 season so he can play in the olympics. This is one of the biggest losses this franchise has had IMO. Nikita had all the tools to be a great player for us for a a long long time.
  10. Anyone know how long of a contract he signed in the KHL? If it's only a one year contract we can all cross our fingers that he may be only doing this to attend the olympics. If he never comes back, this is a devastating loss for this franchise. I haven't been this excited for a defenceman since Mattias Ohlund.
  11. Has anyone went to Vegas for the awards show before? I may consider making a trip down for this if it's a fan friendly event.
  12. Dave Pratt is a total ****ing moron. Listening to him every morning is extremely painful. I actually don't mind the rest of the crew at 1040 for the most part. But Pratt.... I could go on and on.
  13. If you kill your kids, or walk up to a old man minding his own business after spending time with his kids and grand kids on Easter, and kill him for no reason whatsoever. You deserve to die. I have no sympathy for pieces of **** like Steve stephens he ended a innocent man's life for no reason other than his girlfriend broke up with him and he was having a bad day. There is only one punishment for scumbags like this and that is death.
  14. That looks like trash. That logo doesn't belong on a jersey. I would get over it if they used of for the shoulder patches. But that looks hideous as a front crest. I do appreciate the history that logo has. It just looks far too dated.
  15. Nylander was never a contender for 1st overall. Come on.