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  1. NHL expansion rules spoil new markets

    Why's everyone so angry? You WANT a new expansion team to get a running start. Why would you want a team to struggle out the gate and take years to become competative? I honestly don't even get how Vegas is doing so well anyway. Their roster is not impressive or star studded whatsoever.
  2. [Report] Ryan Nugent-Hopkins out 5-6 weeks

    It would take alot for me to drop the NHL. But THIS would enrage me. I don't know if I could keep watching the NHL if this happens.
  3. Adam Gaudette | C

    You should probably calm down, I wasn't "conjuring up worry" was just asking a question to the people who have been following Gaudette more than myself.
  4. Adam Gaudette | C

    Anyone else worried he won't sign with the Canucks and go to free agency?
  5. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    He won't grow anymore in the AHL... he needs to get NHL playing time to better his game... If they don't see him as part of the young core in the future just move him in a package with Gudbranson..
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Pettersson has a goal in today's game so far. It's the 2nd intermission currently.
  7. Markstrom never had the weight of the team on his shoulders last season. Funny, no one blamed Ian Clark when Cloutier was having a bad game. Cloutier as goalie coach is perfecly fine. I know this fan base loves to **** on him. But he isn't at fault here. Maybe our goalies are just crap.
  8. LOL. Yeah. No. What a stupid thing to blame it on. Like absolutely ridiculous give your head a shake.
  9. I'm on the fail for dahlin train too. Just not tonight. Nothing makes me feel warmer than watching the Canucks beat the leafs.
  10. I've supported Markstrom since day 1. Every day. But **** him. Wtf is wrong with him today. Brutally greasy rebound.
  11. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I love the orca, but it looks horrible in these colors. How about this bad boy. This logo with the skate jersey colors= best jersey in the league.
  12. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    The white rink against the blue jersey was what made that logo pop. Blue rink on a blue jersey doesn't look right. The New Nike swoosh logo is gross in comparison to the original logo.
  13. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    This. This is so much better than the updated Nile swoosh stick in rink we used last year. These jerseys are beautiful. Why the **** did they have to alter the stick in rink logo anyway...
  14. Olli Juolevi | D

    This ain't EA sports bro. And Steve Yzerman ain't Peter Chiarelli.
  15. [GDT] Ducks @ Nucks | January 2nd | 7 pm PST

    How many years did we sign Gagner for?