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  1. As a canucks fan I love seeing this kind of greed. He is worth it don't get me wrong. But some players (crosby) are willing to sacrifice a couple mill in order to have a stronger team around him. And in return he's gotten himself that beautiful cup x3 and a conn smythe x2. Oilers are going to be the Blackhawks without the cups. Cap all tied up in 4 players.
  2. Kinda bummed it's not happening on the island again this year. I really enjoyed going last year.
  3. It just feels so right. JB sign this man up. It's literally zero risk.
  4. I would take Spisa back. Without him and tryamkin our dcore got quite thin.
  5. One million for Miller? Anaheim should jump all over that. That's a crazy deal for a goalie of Miller's capabilities.
  6. If He wants to play here, sign him. Hes young and has some potential. His favorite team growing up was the Canucks. His favorite player was Bure. He would come to camp motivated as this is probably his last kick at the can. This is a no risk HIGH reward situation. We're going to suck next season anyway, may as well experiment and see if this can work. If it doesn't work, but deal, sit him in the press box. But I hope we take the chance.
  7. Does anyone know when and where this year's prospect development camp Is? And is Pettersson going?
  8. Well it's been exactly one year since we drafted him so I wouldn't worry. Defenceman take a little longer to make the jump than forwards, I have no worries about Juolevi whatsoever. Rushing him into the NHL isn't the right choice with his development. If the canucks are patient with him they will see the benifits for that patience. Hes a damn fine Dman.
  9. Juolevi is another season away physically. Unless he has a monster off season I highly doubt he is ready to play in the NHL full time. Saw a pic of him on Instagram last month and hes still a string bean.
  10. We could use a Dman after losing Tryamkin and Sbisa. Would love to see Alzner come home. But besides adding a Dman I hope they do nothing else.
  11. Homer pick- Boeser But I think Jesse Puljujarvi has a high chance of winning. Surprised he wasn't mentioned in this thread yet. He only played 28 games last year. Is he still eligible?
  12. I love when keyboard jockeys on CDC think they know more, or are smarter than Benning. I really want the kid to succeed, he looks great with the puck, but if his name was Jordan Smith no one would even talk about him, but because he's a Subban everyone just wants the team to hand him a spot. He will earn it like everyone else. You'd think this fan base would understand that a name is only a name. Remember Steve Kariya, Fedor Fedorov, Sean Pronger?
  13. Hmmm. I'm young, and rich. LA Anaheim NYI NYR Tampa Panthers Las Vegas Young hot bikinis on the mind ofcourse. The absolute worst place to get drafted to would have to be Winterpeg. That would be a nightmare.