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  1. Gillis didn't ride anyone's success 1st off.
  2. I mean, we could, but we wouldn't enjoy much success against other teams in the west if we're building around RNH. Hes a huge let down. I'd rather us stay the course and build through the draft.
  3. I will because I support this team win or lose, and support the direction they are going. I can't stand the fairweather fans of this market. You are either a fan or your not. If you're not here during the harder times, they can **** off when we are enjoying the good times.
  4. That time he said Horvat was a bottom 6 checking forward. LOL
  5. Only if Aqualini is a dumbass who can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe JB is doing just fine. I hope he gets to stay long enough to enjoy the fruits of his labor once they blossom.
  6. Yep. This season is going to be easily worse than the last two. Not a good scenario to bring a young rookie Dman into. I'd rather us sign some UFA scrub as a stop gap for the year, and bring Juolevi in for 18/19 season.
  7. I was hoping they would take Gaunce. Sbisa looked good last season. Losing Tryamkin AND Sbisa really thins our back end out pretty bad. Rasmus Dahlin 2018 here we come.
  8. Where is that? I want!!!
  9. I don't see what's funny about Pettersson putting on 30 lbs. Hes 165 lbs right now...He's 18 years old. He could easily add another 2 inches and easily add 30 lbs over the next 2 years. He could end up being 6'3-6'4 200 lbs. And his skill set blows Glass out of the water.
  10. That's got to be the worst ranking I've ever seen.
  11. Pettersson will be the best player in this draft i truly believe that. You add 30 pounds to that 6'2 frame with that skillet and you have an absolute force. I would easily take him over Glass or Makar and not even think twice.
  12. I'm really crossing my fingers that this new sportsnet station will be decent. I have literally had enough of those I040 idiots. Every morning on my drive to work listening to Fat **** Pratt makes my blood boil. How has this guy made a career out of This? Another thing about 1040 that bothers me is we are in a hardcore hockey market, the expansion draft lists get released but I have to wait until Monday to listen to some radio coverage on it because 1040 plays ****in ESPN all weekend and I have to listen to bull**** about the NBA and NFL. Thats absolute crap. We should have constant coverage on hockey in this market.
  13. I disagree. The Orca is a great logo.
  14. I really like the original logo. I absolutely HATE the new "modernized" nike swoosh version we use now. It's so unnecessary.
  15. That logo isn't even worth space on our jersey as a shoulder patch.