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  1. Who cares if we could have had Tkachuk? Defensemen take longer to develop. We need top end defensemen ready to go when our young forwards are ready to go. Or we end up like the oilers having to trade a top 5 LW in the game for a above average Dman.
  2. People need to relax with the Juolevi bashing. He's just not ready. Doesn't mean he won't put it all together. Had a bad game. Get over it.
  3. I know it's just rust, but holy does horvat look bad tonight LOL. Jake on the other hand.... who is this guy?
  4. The "goat" in the name didn't give it away for you guys that it's a troll account?
  5. No thanks. I'll wait until Reebok stock is 50% or more off and buy a Horvat. Ours looks basically the same as last year anyway. Those fanatics jerseys look cheap as hell. Easy way to turn me off of ever buying one is the screen printed plasticy logo.
  6. 650 is in its infancy. Give it a better chance. I don't even listen to 1040 anymore. Tired of Pratt and his BS. 650 just brought Alex Auld on as a full timer too. Always cool to have an ex canuck share his insight.
  7. The jerseys have a screen printed logo on them. They were cool until I saw that.
  8. Pastrnak played with Marchand and Bergeron last year. No **** he got more points. Put Bo with those 2 and see how many points he gets.
  9. Is this your 1st year watching hockey? There is nothing wrong with Juolevi. He needs a little more time. Dmen typically take a while to put it all together.
  10. Yes. But with the original logo
  11. Virtanen is trying to make a statement this camp. This is exactly what we want. If Juolevi doesn't like it in camp he sure won't like it when it's happening in the show. Keep your head up.
  12. EK starting his push to get the Canucks to sign him as a FA next year LOL. I'm all for bringing him in as a free agent. Don't want to trade assets for the guy though.
  13. That's just like, your opinion man.