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  1. Yeah, as an islander myself, I can say I will never step foot on that boat at that price. They literally have priced themselves out of the market. They won't be around long.
  2. Because it doesn't fit his agenda.
  3. He really is terrible.
  4. Someone's been hitting the BC Bud HARDDDDD.
  5. You can't be serious....
  6. Lol typical political BS. I "MAY EVENTUALLY" become a billionaire and live like Dan Bilzerian until I'm 90.
  7. Jets fans hate him with a passion.
  8. It was hot before I saw their pictures. What a let down.
  9. I think you've had a little too many rum and eggnogs.
  10. Yes. Only JB pursued a 30 goal scorer. Give your head a shake.
  11. You can't be serious? This is just a hilarious post. He is disappointing so far. But exactly ZERO coaches would scratch him....
  12. I do agree with you about bringing Gallant in, he is a good option.
  13. Have a neg. Juolevi and Boeser are great picks. Only pick we've made under JB I would have changed was Virtanen. Would have taken Nylander at the time. But Jake still has potential.
  14. He is coaching in the NHL. so i guess that proves your "fact" as incorrect. a knee jerk reaction firing Willie is just ridiculous. he will be fired, for sure, but firing him right now makes no sense at all. fire him to make Jarvis the interm? hes coaching right beside willie, hes just as much at fault for the current outcomes as willie. agreed 100% people look for anyone to make the scapegoat.
  15. there is no point on firing Willie at this point, may as well ride the season out, and see if any quality coaches become available in the summer, if we fired Willie now who would we bring in? now isnt the time to jump the gun and fire Willie. i know he will get fired, but there is literally NO reason to fire him now. this team is a bottom feeder, a new coach wont change that fact, people cry because they dont want us to finish middle of the pack and get a mid draft pick, but arent willing to go through the pain of losing in order to get those top draft picks.