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  1. I like Granlund alot, 2 years after being drafted it doesn't look like Shinkaruk will pan out to what people thought he would be, another invisable performance by him last night
  2. Yeah, it only starts in an hour and 27 minutes #Fake
  3. Awesome, we can watch Mark Parrish on a PTO again.....
  4. Sheppard is still 28 years old, maybe he can contriubute we'll see
  5. Sonny Sachdeva ‏@Sonny_Sachdeva 18h18 hours ago Spoke w/ Jiri Hudler's agent, Petr Svoboda, earlier tonight – was told Hudler will choose next team by end of this weekend. #NHL #FreeAgency
  6. LOL Tanbir wasn't a troll, he's one of the most passionate Canucks fans I've met, great guy
  7. Went to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a month ago, this thing is absolutely amazing, works underwater too, sexy looking phone
  8. Thankgod the minus button is back
  9. Uuuuh, its a resort, they can be moved into a proper location away from your guests....
  10. Thankfully 5 or 6 of the alligators in that body of water will now be put down, why the hell are they inside a resort in the first place? Idiotic
  11. Any GM of any professional sports leagues would do this as its their job to see if a team overpays for the pick, most of the time the team keeps the pick, cant see the Canucks not drafting in the first 2 rounds
  12. Just received my S7 Edge today, I am so confused lol, I think this is gonna take me a year to learn LOL, touch screen is great and easy to navigate, trying to transfer contacts and whatnot from other phone, from someone coming from Blackberry this is a very tough transition lol
  13. After 6 years with Blackberry, today switched to the Samsung S7 Edge, I hate iPhones and haven't heard many great things so this was an easy decision, hope I like it
  14. I have a Z10, and last night found out when I recieve or make a call, the other person can't hear me, don't know if the problem can be fixed or my phone is done, my contract is up next week so was thinking of either getting a replacement or going with an Android, anyone ever had that problem with their Blackberry?
  15. BC Lions trade rights of Oregon State QB Vernon Adams to Montreal for 2017 1st round pick I like this trade, Als are expected to finish near bottom of league so that pick could potentially be a 1st overall, also With Jennings, Lulay and Price, there was no room here at QB, genius move by Wally!