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  1. Adam Gaudette has solid 3rd line and maybe 2nd line potential. Besides Boeser, Demko and Juloevi, this guy is next in line as far as exciting prospects go for our organization. I've watched a couple of his games that have been televised the last couple weeks and the guy sure piles up goals and assists. The commentators praised him more than any other players on either team, it was great to hear. This guy was a 5th rounder, we definately may have something here. Also, guys that play in the NCAA seem to make the NHL pretty quick (Hutton, Stecher, Boeser?)
  2. Haha yeah ive been getting lots of messages on Facebook and Twitter about that, its from Horvats 1st NHL goal vs Anaheim in November 2014, CBC and Sportsnet have been using it for 2 years but its been getting alot of play this year, especially the week leading up to the Canucks/Leafs game which I was at
  3. haha yeah bro sup?
  4. I'll be there as this game is part of my 11 game ice pack, im 5-0-0 being at games this season, would love nothing more than to embarass the Leafs and get back at that POS Kadri, gonna be rowdy! Drinking begins at 2pm!
  5. I like Granlund alot, 2 years after being drafted it doesn't look like Shinkaruk will pan out to what people thought he would be, another invisable performance by him last night
  6. Yeah, it only starts in an hour and 27 minutes #Fake
  7. Awesome, we can watch Mark Parrish on a PTO again.....
  8. Sheppard is still 28 years old, maybe he can contriubute we'll see
  9. Sonny Sachdeva ‏@Sonny_Sachdeva 18h18 hours ago Spoke w/ Jiri Hudler's agent, Petr Svoboda, earlier tonight – was told Hudler will choose next team by end of this weekend. #NHL #FreeAgency
  10. LOL Tanbir wasn't a troll, he's one of the most passionate Canucks fans I've met, great guy
  11. Went to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a month ago, this thing is absolutely amazing, works underwater too, sexy looking phone
  12. Thankgod the minus button is back
  13. Uuuuh, its a resort, they can be moved into a proper location away from your guests....