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  1. And I'm going to win ;)

  2. lol, read the date posted
  3. I love it, 13-2

    Defense wins Championships

  4. No, our links are basically the same It will be longer (like you said hooray for you) BUT it will only be around 30mins-1hr longer
  5. You seem to be full of crap
  6. "a touch" longer means a few more missons or 30mins-1hr longer
  7. Newest issue of Game informer and Special Forces mode sounds sweet
  8. It's not, it will be the same length as the first games
  9. Yes it does The reason W@W is so high is because people who love COD4 wanna try CODW@W after COD4 basically helps sell W@W copies
  10. $59.99 for a game that came out in November of 2007.....
  11. A day one purchase for me