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  1. he was on the olympic team as well.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    That's a lot of expectations to be saying he is a generational talent.
  3. Baertschi is given top line reps and 2nd PP so he should be more then a 40 point guy.
  4. Canucks roster year end grades

    Archibald: C+ liked his play Baertschi: C- couldn't stay healthy was a little streaky Biega: B did what was expected of him as a 7-8 dman Boeser: A started to slow down a bit before his injury but other then that cant complain pretty much carried the offence while Horvat and Baer were out Boucher: C Meh not really an NHL player Burmistrov: F brutal Del Zotto: C too many gaffs for a veteran player not enough offence Dorsett: A+ was the heart and soul of this team when he was in set the bar with the effort level. Dowd: C- Can win a faceoff thats about it.. Edler: B great bounce back year Eriksson: D- hurt too often and when he finally looked to get in a bit of a groove got hurt again Gagner: D not enough considering he played in a top 6 role 3/4 of the season Gaunce: D i don't know what it is about Gaunce i just don't like him hes a below average 4th liner who cant stay healthy Goldobin: C looked to improve but also looked like he was fighting the puck a little at times. Granlund: F wasn't doing much before he got hurt but may have just been an off year Gudbranson: D cant help when your always hurt Horvat: B looked good this year didnt have many off games still not convinced hes a #1 center looks to be more of a Kesler center lower end #1 elite #2. Hutton: F looked bad in every aspect of the game Jokinen: C not a bad pickup but almost would have liked to keep Vanek over getting Motte Leipsic: C+ looked good and dangerous at times would like to see more. Markstrom: C too much up and down to this season looked to get rattled when he let in a early one. Motte: D meh Gaunce with a different number. Nilsson: F other then the first few games was pretty bad Pouliot: C- not enough offence for his lack of defense Daniel Sedin: B great bounce back year going to miss him Henrik Sedin: C+ great bounce back year going to miss him could have added a few more goals but oh well Stecher: C looked to take a step back on his offence this year wasnt getting his shots threw as much. Sutter: C not a bad season for him Tanev: D cant help the team when your in the pressbox half the season Vanek: B looked good for us gelled with Boeser Virtanen: C Had a great finish to the season looked to get better all year. Not alot of our players deserve anything more then a C
  5. I think its Dman all the way RNH looked great with him at the end of the season which allows them to keep Dri and McDavid apart. Oilers 1st Poolparty for OEL or Oilers 1st, Klefbom, and Yamamoto for OEL.
  6. Oilers first round this year will be going for Karlsson or OEL
  7. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    this one cracks me up its not like Hossa or the Blackhawks couldnt afford to buy him new equipment every game or you know do some sort of testing with different materials and make his equipment out of that.... such utter bull$&!#
  8. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    So that intensity in the last 15 mins of the third.... Where the hell is that all the time. You know the tank is real when were dont use Jussi Jokinen in the shootout its the only thing he is good at.
  9. Our cap space should be spent on other teams garbage like Andrew MacDonald, Ryan Callahan, ect. We need to do some trades like Hutton for McDonald and a 1st or 2nd ect.
  10. I doubt there will be a captain next year maybe roll with the multiple A's.
  11. [VAN - EDM] Blockbuster Proposal

    It's a little early to say Brock is better then Dri plus a #1 center is more valuable then a #1 winger. To get Dri you would need to be giving up a #1 Dman or if your thinking from our team Pettersson + for Dri or Horvat & 1st for Dri
  12. Only Motte and Leipsic are smurfy the other guys you listed are normal height and weight in the NHL they just aren't physical. I think they need to start scratching Motte i think i saw somewhere he needs to play 16 more games to be a waiver player. I think that they cut him off to be able to send him to Utica waiver free next season.
  13. Even if he retires we wont see that cap hit, there is no way Chicago, Philly, LA, New Jersey all avoid the fines ect for their early retirement of their players.

    Hes not in the Hockey HOF but hes in the WHA HOF and the IIHF HOF he also put up Hockey hall of fame numbers 1.24 P/PG in the NHL.
  15. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Rasmus Dahlin on Pettersson "Give him the puck and you will get an assist." haha