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  1. The thing i hated about our PP was that we had Larsen up top byhimself most of the time so if he couldnt get a lane he either had to shoot a crappy shot off the boards, wrap it on the boards, or lose the puck and then try to get it back from the other team on the chase.
  2. Those college guys we have are just ripping it up.
  3. i would hardly call his wife an actress... more like known extra.
  4. could he make way more then that though there was a list of the top 50 payed KHL players and the top was 5.5mil and 50 was 1.something i believe.
  5. Why is Bautista playing the field the last 2 games? Saunders and Upton are both better fielders then him, Bautista should be the DH.
  6. all 5'9 140 pounds of him.
  7. The twins are good with average skating because their passing and chemisty with each other is off the charts. If they started in the league as individual players they might not be nearly as good.
  8. So many empty seats its so sad.
  9. Teams will just do the what they did with pronger, oh hes hurt put him on LTIR every year.
  10. Keep someone up decide on Skille and send someone down as soon as hes signed.
  11. well the reason why they want big contracts is the exact reason you stated above when he gets jacked up and ends on LTIR for years hes still making money..
  12. People aren't really down on him as much as they are gaga for Stetcher.
  13. also does this advise break the restraining order McDavid has on him lol.
  14. Yakupov has been given chances to play with good players (maybe not D) and has shown nothing except a good 15 games or so with Mcdavid. For Yak to do anything he needs a pure setup guy like a Hank,Thornton, or Backstrom though Toews is a better player then them all he is not a better setup guy then them.
  15. legit centers like McDavid, RNH, and Draisaitl?