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  1. Ferland leivo and possibly Boeser out for the season we are not tight to the cap.
  2. The players would need to buy their own tickets to the game we cant even give them a hat.
  3. Last night I was playing some Apex Legends and threw a nade through a window that downed 2 guys. Made me shed a tear.
  4. I would have been pissed too. They lose the game and their goalie due to the screw up.
  5. he has allstar team is ... LOL NM its by Forwards Mcdavid Draisaitl Pettersson Pacioretty Couture Tkachuk Defence Burns Doughty Fowler (lol) Goalies Kuemper Fleury
  6. The format for how they pick is horrible, every team is represented... if your not an all-star your not an all-star. IMO team should be Mcdavid Draisaitl Pettersson Stone Pacioretty and one of Kopitarz, Boeser, Miller, Tkachuk Defence Hughes Karlsson and probably Doughty Goalies Kuemper and even though he played like poop against us Rittich i think his bad games have been because hes gets tired because Talbot sucks.
  7. i could understand if the horse was taking cocaine.
  8. The grand scheme of things New Jersey traded Adam Larson for the lottery cheat code which got them Hughes, Hischier, a first, 3 Ok prospects, and a conditional pick which could be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Not bad New Jersey not bad.
  9. I have a theory about this... what if the food related injuries were because they were beaten by coaching staff. Penner pancakes Sutter was coaching Sopel cracker Crawford was coaching.
  10. If you take the last 2 drafts there were 34 CHL players taken in the first 82 picks (41 each draft), of the 34 players there might be 10-12 that teams might consider developing in the AHL and 2 or 3 of those 10 went right into the NHL their draft year.
  11. I think if you allowed each NHL team to take 1 CHL aged player to play in the AHL it wouldn't destroy the CHL. NHL teams would need to think hard about this as it would take away the Jr. Contract slide for that player and effectively kick in their ELC early.