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  1. Shaw has the absolute worst upload speeds for example their Shaw 600 plan has 20mbps upload speed and 7.5 mbps on their 75 plan. So if you do any cloud based things, streaming, gaming essentially anything where your putting information back on the internet Shaw sucks. Telus plans always match the download speed so if you have 150 download you have 150 upload.
  2. I was being sarcastic but he hasn't played a full season since turning pro,and has had 2 major surgeries in 2 years. Getting hurt every year no matter how well they have played sucks, and obviously is because hes been to busy playing Fortnite instead of working in the Gym .
  3. I'm weary on these Fins and their Fortnite issues, its the only way to explain Puljujarvi, Joulevi, and now Liane's struggles.
  4. CanuckinEdm

    William Lockwood | RW

    I never said he was a roleplayer in college. Hes a complementary first line player on most teams in college not a bona fide first line player. Unless he surprises everyone he will be a role player in the NHL if he even makes it.
  5. CanuckinEdm

    William Lockwood | RW

    Boeser, Gaudette, Demko and Hughes were all top end prospects that were dominating College Lockwood however is not hes a roleplayer so hes weighing his options.
  6. CanuckinEdm

    PC Gaming Thread

    I would tell you the complete opposite of what he said the RTX 2060 is a better card then the GTX 1070ti and its cheaper. the Ray tracing is a feature that is pointless right now but overall the card is still better. that is unless you can get a 1070ti for cheaper then a 2060 because they are very similar spec wise. depending on how old your system is you might bottleneck at the CPU so a GTX 1060 6gig might be something to look at.
  7. Saying that they wouldn't have moved him at the TDL doesn't mean they wouldn't have moved him at all. I think they would have rather had a solid draft pick for him then a prospect castoff and a 4th rounder.

  8. thanks i figured out after that IE doesnt work for the spoiler tag had to use firefox

  9. Just in case no one told you the spoiler -Here yah go (I assume you meant the one a few posts up from your post):

    Okay this may be a stupid question but does _____ and that guy become zombies now? like after they are bit, that's what happens right? i guess that's why they could be buried.. Wonder if they are strong enough to crawl out :o

  10. CanuckinEdm

    If Canucks prospects were World Cup teams

    So what your saying is all of our future players are all divers?