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  1. I have a theory about this... what if the food related injuries were because they were beaten by coaching staff. Penner pancakes Sutter was coaching Sopel cracker Crawford was coaching.
  2. If you take the last 2 drafts there were 34 CHL players taken in the first 82 picks (41 each draft), of the 34 players there might be 10-12 that teams might consider developing in the AHL and 2 or 3 of those 10 went right into the NHL their draft year.
  3. I think if you allowed each NHL team to take 1 CHL aged player to play in the AHL it wouldn't destroy the CHL. NHL teams would need to think hard about this as it would take away the Jr. Contract slide for that player and effectively kick in their ELC early.
  4. The only thing uglier then that game was Markstroms new helmet.
  5. not really a surprise he was the worst goalie in the league the last 2 years. I'm not sure what happened to him.
  6. Honestly we just need to stack a line who cares if they aren't centers ect. Boeser-Horvat-Pettersson Baer/Virt/Pear-Miller-Gaudette Whoever is left. on the bottom 6
  7. what happened to Schneider he's been the worst goalie in the league the last 2 years. I see him going on waivers tomorrow.
  8. Other then the rangers the teams they wear them against make no sense.
  9. This may be correct but you forgot the umm/ahhh to actual word ratio of Trudeau i believe its 3-5 umms and Ahhs per actual word.