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  1. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash

    All 300 something years?
  2. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Ryan Strome

    IMO trade value is this Dmen>Centers>Wingers Hall (top 10 W) for Larson (borderline 1st pairing defensive D) they lost should have been that trade and a 2nd and a prospect. Eberle (2nd line winger) for Strome (3rd line center) i think this trade is fine Edm needed cap and a 3rd line center 1st (Brarzel) 2nd (some guy) for Reinhardt this trade was a nightmare but I'm pretty sure the Oilers would have taken a Dman which would have been probably been Chabot.
  3. When is the last time you can think a franchise right handed shot (top 5) dman in his prime was traded?
  4. We were also bent over a barrel with Kesler (1 team trade list) and managed to get Bonino (off a 50 point season), Sbisa and a 1st (we managed to botch all of that but you know) but decent return for a guy who demanded a trade to 1 team.
  5. Lol i forgot about that haha probably give them Karlsson for McDonagh and Callahan
  6. you are talking about one of the most dynamic dmen in the league.
  7. My random guess Ottawa gets Serg Point 1st or 2nd round Pick TBL get Karlsson Random Pick AHL depth or Fringe NHL Random Cap dump team McDonagh or Callahan Raddysh or Foote Ottawa gives Karlsson Random picks TBL give Serg Point McDonagh or Callahan Raddysh or Foote 1st or 2nd pick Random team Random Pick AHL depth or fringe NHL'r
  8. [Signing] Oilers sign Tobias Rieder

    Oilers signing all their old prospects that other teams have developed
  9. #1 center you mean... i love Horvat but hes not a #1 center.
  10. [Report] Barry Trotz stepping down as Capitals head coach

    He probably didn't want us.
  11. [Report] Barry Trotz stepping down as Capitals head coach

    Did Carolina hire a new head coach yet its only 1 state over from Nashville.
  12. If they do bring in a player it will be a #1 or #2 center we have a glaring hole there right now. Wingers were set unless were trading some.
  13. mentor ship and character.... Tavares was the captain on the island
  14. what if aquillini want JB and TL to speed up rebuild?

    I wouldn't cry if we sped up the rebuild... 30 mil in cap space is very tempting to spend you can get a jump on the rebuild.