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  1. Rodin and Boucher for me. Grigorenko and Yak are a no for me, but of the 2 I would rather Yakupov.
  2. His dad was 6'0" maybe he will get an inch or two taller
  3. he doesn't have a small frame hes 6'2 hes skinny but so are a lot of players coming out of the draft. he has a very similar frame to RNH his draft year and RNH is now 195lbs.
  4. Is he Dabbing when he scores.... I was all over us taking a kid that is a little more boom or bust then a "safe" pick but since i saw his highlight video I hate this kid. HAHA
  5. Saying that they wouldn't have moved him at the TDL doesn't mean they wouldn't have moved him at all. I think they would have rather had a solid draft pick for him then a prospect castoff and a 4th rounder.

  6. Tanev if traded will be after the expansion draft, at the draft.
  7. The only highly picked prospect that I can think of that has done this was Wheeler. The other guys that have pulled the wait and sign thing were late round picks that took a couple years to get going in college then blossomed. not many guys want to waste 2 or 3 extra years in college to sign somewhere else that's essentially 2mil of salary they lose out on.
  8. Individually probably the 2nd best player to ever play for us.
  9. Tiger has no more money for a cab after having to pay his ex a $&!# ton of money.
  10. This man has earned the right to hunt animals.
  11. Cheaper versions of them, they need cap space to sign Mcdavid and Drisaitl
  12. The Oilers dont really need top 4 d Klefbom Larsson Sekera Nurse/Benning (possibly Russell)
  13. I don't see us getting him either, I was just throwing something out there based on this rumor and who wouldn't want to see things like this
  14. The thing is Edmonton needs to sign Draisaitl this off season and Mcdavid next season. I'm thinking its going to cost them 18 mil in cap space. Making this trade they shed 2 mil in cap and get a third line center.