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  1. Cheaper versions of them, they need cap space to sign Mcdavid and Drisaitl
  2. The Oilers dont really need top 4 d Klefbom Larsson Sekera Nurse/Benning (possibly Russell)
  3. I don't see us getting him either, I was just throwing something out there based on this rumor and who wouldn't want to see things like this
  4. The thing is Edmonton needs to sign Draisaitl this off season and Mcdavid next season. I'm thinking its going to cost them 18 mil in cap space. Making this trade they shed 2 mil in cap and get a third line center.
  5. Brandon Sutter I know that Edmonton was looking for a 3rd line center all year and they will still be looking for one next season they like Draisaitl with McDavid so that leaves them with Mcdavid, RNH and then Sutter.
  6. I love how people are talking like he sucks when he would have been tied for the goal lead and 1 point under the point lead on our team and this is his worst season in his NHL career... Hes a 60 point plus offensive winger i would gladly take him for the right price.
  7. That's not a beer league its essentially like the BCHL but for adults they play against other teams from around Alberta and then play for some amateur cup against other provinces.
  8. i thought it was all of the 970 cards i have the evga ssc
  9. you mean 3.5 and .5 of lies
  10. I wont be needing a 4k monitor anytime soon (unless my current one dies) my video card is only a GTX970 (and hopefully got life left) so its more of a 1080 setup. and all the other components ive been upgrading as things go ie. video card, SSD, power source, peripherals.
  11. So I'm upgrading my computer (new CPU, MOBO,ram) I've decided on the Ryzen 5 1600 my question is would you get product replacement for 2 years on the CPU and ram? my current CPU and ram which is a gen 1 I5 lasted this long so I'm thinking its not really worth it.
  12. I don't think Dorsett can be exposed he missed over 60 games which is a condition for being draft exempt.
  13. I would be absolutely floored if Gaunce got picked up in the expansion draft. Sbisa will get picked up and if were not exposing Sbisa that means one of Edler, Gudbranson, or Tanev is traded.
  14. OMG were getting John Tavares
  15. I think the reason why they banned it has nothing to do with suicide its all the other stuff (which i wont list to ruin it for other people). Also most "Elementary" schools in Edmonton at least are K-9 so if a grade 9 student is talking about this show there are ears that are 5-13 hearing this.