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  1. I think this pretty much sums it up with no point threat on the PP why even bother covering them tight, take time and space from the forwards and watch the D fumble the puck. My 2 ideas are running a 4 or 5 forward PP on both PP1 and PP2 obviously our Dmen can't shoot or get shots through to the net.The other is to give an unconventional player some PP time, look at Mark Letestu on Edmonton last year he played 4th line but was on the PP and scored 11 goals.
  2. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | Centre

    You need to put up some points to be a third line player... Honestly hes looking like a 4th line fill in/AHL 1st liner. Hes now played an entire season of games now (granted over 3 seasons) at the NHL level and has 1 goal (which hit him in the foot and went in) and 5 assists.
  3. [Official] Destiny

    Im using Antidope-D and Mannananannnannannn SR4
  4. [GDT] Canucks @ Flems, Nov 7th, 6 pm, SNP

    have they named a starting goalie yet?
  5. Healthy goaltending rotation or soon to be Nilsson's spot?!!

    Nilsson was very good in Edmonton for a bit then fizzled out, I don't think he has the mental side of the game to be a #1 im perfectly fine with both guys playing around the 40ish game mark.
  6. Derek Dorsett | #15 | Right Wing

    Derek Scorsett strikes again. Imagine the offensive juggernaut the Golden Knights would be if they had Scoresett too.
  7. [Discussion] What happens when Gaunce comes back?

    Im pretty sure he was a point a game player or very close, the thing with Gaunce is he has shown 0 offensive ability at the nhl level. The only reason he was in the NHL is he was a first rounder and the Canucks didnt want to lose him on waivers. That first rounder status can only carry you so far before your considered a bust.
  8. Derek Dorsett | #15 | Right Wing

    Derek Scorsett Shades of the brabarian.
  9. Michael DiPietro | G

    I cant see this guy not on the WJC roster and will probably be the starter.
  10. This is my take the people that were able to afford to purchase season tickets that have now cancelled their tickets due to a poor on ice team are fair weather fans, and the thousands that were on waiting lists that now were able to get tickets and decided not to due to a poor on ice team are also fair weather fans. Obviously there are circumstances that make the purchase of tickets now unattainable now like loss of job, family commitments, ect. but fact that they went from a 5 year waiting list to 4000 empty seats its a issue with fan support from the people that can afford to go. For example Edmonton went through a far worse rebuild then us and they were at about 90% capacity every game.
  11. Canucks starting goalie- Nilsson VS Markstrom?!

    FIne ill do it... I would like to send a shout out to Jacob Markstrom SHOUT OUT MARKY SHOUT OUT.
  12. The Overwatch Thread.

    There is a Zarya one its the 80s chick one.
  13. The Overwatch Thread.

    That new sym dragon skin too bad i refuse to play her.
  14. Why do you watch?

    I watch because I'm no bandwagon beotch.
  15. Baertschi and Granlund were both trade wins but not homeruns i think they both top out as inconsistent 30-40 point guys. Im talking a Erat for Forsberg, or 3rd for Schultz kinda win.