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  1. Detroit really hasn't been the same since Scotty Bowman left.
  2. He's the second Croatian player in the NHL. Frankly I'm not sure how you overlooked Goran Bezina. He's a practically a household name... N Edited for auto correct errors.
  3. C'mon lottery pick!
  4. Fair enough. I don't mean to completely disrespect Stan. I'm sure he's a sharp hockey mind. It would be hard not to have a hockey mind given his lineage. From a strategy standpoint, the Hawks were wise to promote Stan to GM because they were then able to bring Scotty over. Scotty is on record saying that his son was the only thing that could pry him out of Detroit. I'd do that deal everyday of the week and twice on Sunday for the reasons you cite.
  5. Sure Stan gets some credit, but people should temper that praise a bit. A cap god? That's a bit much. He's not working in isolation. I remember people used to pile all sorts of praise on Ken Holland for all "his" shrewd moves, but there's been a decline since Scotty moved to the Hawks. Scotty Bowman is a fantastic hockey mind and is behind some great teams. Just don't want to lose sight of that.
  6. My guess would be that there's an S. Bowman pulling the strings, but it's Scotty rather than Stan. Neil
  7. Dang canucks is winning when they should be losing. At this point they may as well take a shot at Matthews.
  8. He's so bad defensively that oilers fans have come up with the term "Jultzing" to refer to the times where he's been on the ice and was responsible for a goal against. It's actually kind of funny consisting how they thought they won the lottery with him signing there. The next Paul coffee he was!
  9. Politics in America
  10. Willie for Babcock straight up! Though we got fleeced in the last coach's trade we did...
  11. I got a good chuckle or of that one. "Hey Kass *sniff* this is Coco. *sniff* We like your style *sniff* and think you'd be *sniff* a great fit here *sniff*..."
  12. Does this mean that the Oilers win the Kassian-CoHo trade?
  13. Actually got to see the game at Rogers. Pretty satisfying win considering all the Chicago fans around me. Even more so considering that they came to see the game from Chicago. N
  14. Geeze you quoted it twice. It must really anger you up. It literally is the first time I've said it. What's next you're going to turn your reply into a sig? Maybe you should quote and reply to it three more times. Yea. That'll make you sleep better at night.
  15. This rebuild on the fly can be tough to watch