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  1. Agreed. Unless it has improved quite a bit of late. Every time I’ve watched him his lack of quickness on the defensive side of things hasn’t been up to NHL standards. Rooting for him to succeed though. Contrary to some, critiquing prospects doesn’t mean you want them fail. As for Hog....want him in North America ASAP.
  2. You have to wonder how bad these guys really want it. You must play with a degree of desperation, even against lottery tankers, if you want to make sure you are a playoff team Gladly I had this recorded on the PVR so I could skim through it a bit quicker and shorten my irritation time.
  3. Petey needs to get much stronger. i know that is not a particularly hot take.
  4. I just can’t over how dominant the Wild - the freakin’ Wild - were in our d-zone at times. Had us grasping at air at times.
  5. Tell me we’ve had an uglier win this year and I’ll tell you you’re wrong. :D
  6. If they hang on this will probably be a candidate for Ugliest Win of the Year.
  7. I know a win is a win....but this is ugly. If Chicago could shoot straight we would be in trouble. Please Canucks, come out with a great third period to erase the memory of these first two periods.
  8. That shots on goal stat is quite something. Abhorrent really. And I think JT Miller might be our best skater right now. Markstrom clearly our best PLAYER. Where the heck would we be without him?
  9. I’m starting to wonder if Miller might end up the team leader in scoring this year. He’s really good.
  10. I wonder if I’m going to be able to keep it together watching all this Sedin-infused nostalgia. Not even 5 yet and a Sedin story running on Wednesday Night Hockey got me in the feels. At their height, the Sedin’s headlined the best era of Canucks hockey. They deserve all of this.