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  1. You attended the first annual Family Carnival (oh wait there were only two) and dunking Cliff Ronning and Trevor Linden in the dunk tank. oh and collecting Canucks collector coins
  2. Sorry but no
  3. But these aren't really "new". More streamlining what should be.
  4. This a million times over. These are beautiful and I would love that third jersey. Send this to TL now and let's get this done. before evened opened the thread I knew it would be about the skate jersey. So predictable. i grew up with that jersey and while it has great memories should stay in the past. Canucks colours should be and always be green and blue imo.
  5. Haha I grew up in can with that jersey and think it should stay well in the 80s early 90s. Good god people I don't understand why anyone wants it back ugh.
  6. Done and done... Perfect!
  7. No way, had no idea. You blew my mind lol Some people just don't get it and cynide is one of them
  8. Woooo look out everyone, he's 5'11
  9. I love this pick. How anyone thought we wouldn't pick him after everything JB and TL have said about getting bigger is beyond me. I'm laughing at all you guys bitching and whining. Nylander sounds like a selfish player (non passer do everything himself), we just got rid of one, why would we want another.
  10. Can't disagree with this
  11. It's 14 for 2014
  12. Good thing Some on CDC aren't drafting.
  13. Keep it up SN; we're on the same page. Everything I'm thinking you're saying before me. This is a good deal for what JB had to work with, anyone who doesn't see that is blind
  14. ^^^ my thoughts exactly, well said Bonino had more points and only 3 less goals that Kesler and is 5 years younger. With Kes handcuffing the deal with his ridiculously short list, I'm more than happy with this deal to get him out of here.
  15. Nice, I think it needs the stripping on the bottom though. I'd Put that logo on our current uniform design.