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  1. farhan devji stated that the canucks invited andersson and rodin to come hang out and check out van.... maybe practice with the team a bit. -rodin's team lost today, so his season is done. He should be joining andersson here soon.
  2. Rodin is back with Brynas
  3. wow. big congratulations to burrows. 30 goals baby! Wooooo
  4. i dont see why not, as long as hes good enough.... but considering the # of better players in the states, its highly unlikely. its not quite like grabs playin for austria...lol
  5. Having JVR and Colin Wilson on your line will do that. This year, its Bourque and Palmeiri, i think. From what ive seen so far, hes an elite setup man with poor finshers on his line. Makes some incredible passes, just no one is putting them away.
  6. watched SWE beat Austria 7 -3. Rodin was the best swedish forward of the game, hands down. 2 goals and an assist for Anton today. Got a lot more ice time, and his line with Jacob Silfverberg and Anton Lander is just awesome. I just cant say enough good things about him, except that he still looks really young and skinny. Definatley needs some major growing time... but a force in this tourney so far, regardless.
  7. watched the swedes smoke the czechs 10 -1. Rodin is a freaking hero. Wins every battle, very quick, exceptional passer, always in good position. Still not getting alot of ice time, but i think he finished the game with a goal and 2 assists. I didnt see his goal, but his assists were beauties. (His first WJC goal was the winner) - I forgot Andersson was playing until late in the game so i didnt really see him but hes very big with surprising mobility.
  8. So I watched the game (SWE vs CAN) My first time watching Rodin live Rodin didnt really play much, maybe 5-7 shifts all game. However, I was very impressed. The guy is fast... and just oozes skill. The puck seemed to follow him around when he was out there. I thought he definatley earned his assist with some slick moves and tenacity. Not afraid to hit either - he doesnt really try to nail guys, but he doesnt stop short or swing away like many Swedes tend to do. No question in my mind though, this kid is gonna be a very good player for us in the future.
  9. theres Canucks' models/ cheerleaders??? or is that just a local photo shoot, that incorporated the Canucks jersey

  10. LOL you guys are exactly right. I had to laugh and then facepalm. I was 8 or 9 when Bure scored his first NHL goal. Ive loved this game and this team ever since. Ive had my heart shattered too many times I guess....
  11. Dont be so sure about this.... he started on the 2nd line in the first exhibition game, scoring a goal and being named man of the match.(i know, only preseason ) But as far as i can tell, Brynas isnt exactly loaded either - look at their roster - lots of really young guys there - Rodin, Bertilsson, Lof, and Silfverberg off the top of my head. Youre probably right, but I have high hopes.
  12. nice Kopistarzzzz Does anyone else get a strange feeling about Schroeder? - The same feeling after awhile with RJ Umberger...... For some inexplicable reason, I have a weird feeling that Schroeds never suits up with the canucks..... dont get me wrong, I feel he will be a STAR in the NHL, Just not for us... I just cant really picture him in a Canucks jersey... Anyone else get a bad feeling? Im not saying we will lowball him and he moves on like Umberger - maybe - but something else. Trade maybe? Let me just say that Im SUPER STOKED about getting Schroeder at 22nd, but for the sake of discussion during a VERY slow summer, Does anyone get the same feeling that Schroeder never suits up for the Nucks? - I REALLY hope Im wrong. GILLIS:)
  13. From Brynas Game Summary - 1st Exhibition game \"Målprotokollet shows that it was the young players who were ahead of tonight. Brynäsarna såg överlag pigga ut, kanske piggare än man brukar vara så tidigt på säsongen. Brynäs shares saw overall fit out, perhaps alert than you used to be so early in the season. Anton Rödin, som välförtjänt fick pris som bäste Brynässpelare, var riktigt het men också Jacob Silfverberg hade bra tempo. Anton Rodin, who received well-deserved price Brynäs best player, was really hot but also Jacob Silfverberg had good tempo. Simon Bertilsson och Simon Löf började något svagare men spelade upp sig. Simon Bertilsson and Simon Löf started slightly weaker but played up. oops, translation didnt come with it. It should also be noted that Rodin wears #18 for Brynas. Next game is Tuesday vs. Mora IK
  14. Schroeder KILLED the USA Camp and the Russians REAL DEAL