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  1. Really? Crazy.  By any chance that you have the link for interview (or tid bit)?  Not that I don't believe you, I just want to listen to the whole thing.
  2. Questions for second-ever Canucks game

    Go early maybe... 6? if you wanna see the warm up. You can get right down to ice level (behind the glass obviously) but still really neat. If you stand near the player hallway, you can fist bump them and sometimes the autograph gear. Enjoy the game. Maybe I will see you there.
  3. Canucks Need Hutton

    Hutton has played well. Very well actually. He'll get a few games probably. Then be sent down. It's a numbers game.
  4. Best way to meet a player or two?

    This past summer alone I've seen McCann, Virtanen, Subban, Sedin (idk which one), Trev a couple times, Vey, Sbisa, Bieksa and Burrows. Not Canucks players include Biz, Kane, Seabrook (not at his signing)
  5. Best way to meet a player or two?

  6. Lucic + Spooner/koko for Juice and Bonino
  7. [Trade] VAN Kevin Bieksa to ANA

    Also. maybe JB didn't ask Bieksa, but asked his agent. Semantics!
  8. Off season of possibilities

    E A Sports. It's in the game.
  9. (Discussion) Del Zotto.... I am on a roll!

    Not that it matters, but he had a -20 season in 09-10. Actually no -9 season at all according to http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=96525%C2'> Any how. I'd love to take a chance on him, I've wanted him since the day he became UFA. We need a guy like him on the back end to dish the puck out. Haven't had anyone like him since Ehrhoff.
  10. [Sig Request] Jake Virtanen

    I know someone earlier made a pretty nice Virtanen sig, Wondering if I could get one made please? I will provide some insight when someone accepts. Thank you :edit: Please PM me if you decide to take on the task.
  11. [Proposal] Mike Green

    Contract is only for next year.
  12. @ChuckGormleyCSN As of right now, the Washington Capitals have 8 defense men under contract. Green, Niskanen, Orpik, Carlson, Alzner, Orlov, Erskine and Hillen. They are also fairly close to the cap. Caps only have about 1.2m in space. http://capgeek.com/capitals/ So I propose the Canucks send Jannik Hansen to the Capitals for Mike Green. Straight across. Caps shed a top 4 defense man with a $6.1m contract. Albeit, an expiring one but it also frees up a spot for one of Hillen, Erskine or Orlov to slot in at a regular position. This also frees up a spot for a Vancouver forward, a Vey, a rookie or even Matthias. I do realize that WAS is at a bit of a log jam on forwards too. Alot of 2nd-3rd liners (kind of like us) so this would basically be a cap dump for them. They do acquire a defensively responsible forward in Hansen and Vancouver acquires an offensively gifted defense man in Green that can run the play at even strength and can QB a power play. Something I think Vancouver is desperately missing. On another note, I still think Tanev will be dealt for a top 6 forward and I hope VAN pushes hard for Del Zotto (3x3)
  13. I agree with Plum. I'd go a smidge higher and offer up to 3.2m for 2-3 years. Gifted offensively, maybe a but suspect defensively. But I'd take the chance with him. Van needs another PMD or offensive juggernaut on the team. Rookie season he put up 37pts (correct me if I'm wrong, doing this off handedly), then in 11-12 put up 41pts.
  14. How does Ryan johanasen ufa work?

    It would basically just be so he could get to UFA status. Isn't that what he wants? A contract/term so he could get to become a UFA?