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  1. (Proposal) Van - Wpg

    Doubt Edler waives, kinda doubt Hansen does, why would Rodin get traded right after we signed him. Gaudette doesn't have any value as of yet, Gaunce wont get it done, and lol at mentioning Sbisa, Pedan, Sautner. Cassels had a poor year, 33rd maybe could get you closer, finally no to trading 17/18 picks.
  2. (Proposal) Van - Wpg

    This, and is it really THAT far fetched? Jets have a lot of young forwards and might want to look at youth on the back end. Yes, I know they have Morrissey and to a much lesser extent Kitchon. #5 and something... McCann? For 2nd?
  3. Why UFA's should sign here! (Duscussion)

    Why would I have to present any numbers for you? You just answered your own question. I never said I was special nor did I say that "the best places to be" are in BC. SMH Also seems like you're on here alot, maybe you should get out more.
  4. Why UFA's should sign here! (Duscussion)

    Again, while there is some truth in this post. Vancouver being a beautiful place to live in is a fact. There are actual numbers backing that up, year after year. Seems like you're being "that guy", the ever so common hipster in Vancouver, disagreeing with the general public. But that's neither here nor there.
  5. Why UFA's should sign here! (Duscussion)

    Oh I can criticism of my city, If you can't acknowledge that Vancouver is ONE of the more beautiful cities in the world, I don't know what to tell you. I never once said that it is "the most beautiful on earth". Yes there are people from this city that are patting themselves on the back, but there's also alot coming from other people from around the world, that have probably seen way more than you or I. Vancouver being one of the nicer places to live on earth is fact, not opinion. Look at any travel website, "Oh, some lousy website you say? Surely they have more merit than you. You let yourself out by leaving the city, was it really that hard to figure out?
  6. Why UFA's should sign here! (Duscussion)

    All of you who are saying "Vancouver is boring" or Vancouver isn't one of the most beautiful cities in the world, have you ever thought it was you who was boring? Face it, Vancouver is one of the most gorgeous places to live with or without you, feel free to let yourself out.
  7. [Discussion] NEXT SEASON

    Pls tell me that's his nickname... If it isn't and we draft him. New nickname...
  8. Interesting Read from TSN about Canucks

  9. Interesting Read from TSN about Canucks

    Toronto Sports Network strikes again.
  10. [Proposal] Few Offseason Trades

    Keep contradicting yourself.
  11. Guess who goes where 2016 [Discussion]

    Miller: SJ For Jones straight across. Jones is from here, his dad works for the Canucks. SJ gets a good goalie for the playoffs and stays on the Westcoast, even closer to LA. Vrbata: CHI (Pokka) or FLA for a pick (2nd) Hamhuis: WAS hopefully for Carrick or a pick (1st). Hell I'd even take Orlov and a 2nd or 3rd Burrows: Stays, I'd like him to get traded but I just don't see it.
  12. Hammer does nothing for them. An injured UFA that is out until atleast Feb or March. Yak is only 22, Nilsson is the same age as Markstrom and is arguably just as good.
  13. EDM deal is terribad for them. That lackluster package wouldn't get Yak alone IMO. We could even change the pick to a 2nd and I doubt EDM considers.
  14. start a GM game

    ill join