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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    2 Guns 5/10 Plot sucked, and the banter between Mark Wahlber and Denzel was a bit too much at times and took away from the movie.
  2. OMG Earthquake?
  3. this twitter guy has the best nhl videos

  4. OMG Snow?

    just checked the weather network they changed it to snow and rain Tuesday overnight. frack this, not listening to anyone anymore. I'm going to forecast my own weather
  5. OMG Snow?

    It was absolutely horrible driving last night around midnight. Black ice was everywhere, especially the less traveled roads in South and North Burnaby. I was driving around 15-20 km/h all the way home ever since I tried to stop a 4 way stop and my car spun out. I have winter tires and all and that doesn't matter. Saw 2 accidents along the way on Oakland street in Burnaby just before Gilley, one car slammed into a Lamp Post and the other one across from it was in the ditch. Police were on scene as I whizzed by doing 20km/h.
  6. OMG Snow?

    It is snowing lightly in downtown from what I see from my office window.
  7. OMG Rain?

  8. OMG Rain?

    rainfall warning anyone?
  9. happy birthday!

  10. happy b-day!!...again :P

  11. Happy 21'st! Hope you have a good Birthday, cya!