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  1. Note to Jim: Tell other GMs that you want prospects, prospects and more prospects....because then they would have offered you picks
  2. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    Don't give up on everyone...we all hate players who give that give up are just as bad Don't forget the good years before the last few years. the BlackHawks and Penguins were horrible for years but drafted well and made good deals during their long both have lots of Stanley Cup rings Good trades, good drafting and good decisions build good teams.
  3. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    Sure would like to see Virtanen anf Gaunce get some edge in their game
  4. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    We'll be the worst team for years with that strategy
  5. Aquilini’s intentions with JB

    Gilman as an Asst. GM would be a good contracts/cap specialist. Benning also needs to improve his Pro Scouting I don't see the point in Linden's position at all
  6. 1. majority didn't make that decision. That was JB's error 2. Who was mad? I don't believe that 99.9% of the fans made there name and were hired as a super scout. 3. The entire Hamhuis at the deadline thing was a huge blunder by a rookie GM...I refuse to believe the Canucks couldn't have got a significant return for him similar to what the more experienced JB got for Burrows and Hansen. Prospects. 4. Tryamkin...Seemingly unavoidable. I'll give JB a pass on that one. JB is a better GM now that he has experience but he needs help with negotiating contracts and Pro scouting
  7. Hey JB where are our tough guys?

    You are looking "small picture" We won that what Our best player...A huge part of our future had his head smashed into the boards from behind and there was no response by his team Boeser responded by scoring but where were his brothers. They had the rest of the game to respond. A response sends a message to the Kings, the League and team mates A response is key to team building.
  8. Hey JB where are our tough guys?

    I'd send Gaunce and Virtanen down to Utica and bring up Archibald and Boucher or Goldobin. Does Gaunce need to clear waivers?
  9. Hey JB where are our tough guys?

    This ain't the try league...its the get 'er done league
  10. Burrows has an excellent history as a bigtime playoff performer...Vanek has a history of disappearing in the playoffs or playing well on non playoff teams...that is why Vanek is good for our present team
  11. and how would you know this.... you are an insider???
  12. No to Holland! Stick with Benning but re-hire Laurence Gilman as an Assisstant GM. I do believe he negotiated contracts when part of the Gillis management team who signed players like the Sedins and Burrows and many others to below market value contracts before we made that 2011 cup run. Benning has not done well with contract negotiations.
  13. I guess Brock should have skated into the corner and let his man break away.
  14. He'll make some good coin in the KHL and never be heard of again
  15. Did anyone see Eberle in the playoffs? He was invisible. The Oil is now a contender and does not need players who are strictly regular season performers. This is a good move by Chiarelli just to be shed of his contract. In Edmonton it is now about winning. Its not about regular season stats. Eberle will do good on the Island if he plays with Tavares but he was a $6m declining asset in Edmonton