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  1. Been offered Giroux for my Ovechkin/Faulk in a long term keeper league pts only. I see Ovechkin on a slow decline and Giroux is 3 years younger and a center who is more likely to get pts. Thoughts? :D

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    2. Boone Jenner

      Boone Jenner

      Faulk is pretty prone to injury, Ovi has way more upside and brings a bit more then those two. You cant keep up Ovi shoots.


    3. Gabes24


      Thanks for the help guys. Yea, Ovi hasn't declined yet, but it could happen eventually. I just feel Giroux would be better long term as he is 3 years younger and centers tend to be more durable than wingers from what I've seen. Goals/assists are 1 pt each so its not the goals, but point factor long term... Aiyaa, keeper decisions that keep me up at night :< 

    4. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      I really think that it's an even trade. But Ovi is still the best of the best. He will put up 40+ goals easy around 75-80 points while Giroux will post the same number of points as well. I'd do Faulk for Giroux straight up but with Ovi I'd hang on to both of them

  2. Would you folks prefer Huberdeau or Draisaitl in a long term keeper league 1 pt per G/A? :D

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    2. Jaku


      Now if he is converted to LW it could be interesting. I mean Lucic will be in mix as a top line winger with McDavid and Eberle, but after that it's Maroon, and Pouliot. I believe that if he is converted to a LW he could be a top 6 presence, maybe even a chance at a top line winger if he plays better than Lucic. But there's a lot of ifs. 

    3. Warhippy


      I cannot see Draisatl as McDavids winger with Puljujarvi and Lucic there.  But could be interesting

    4. Gabes24


      Well alot of Edmonton fans from HFboards think he will be 100% playing on the 1st PP, which could result in Drai playing 1st line at even strength here and there, I don't expect Lucic to play the full season on the 1st line. 


      Some people seem to think that Yak will have a resurgence as well :blink: Well if you can't trade him.... plug him on the  1st line lol

  3. University of Birrion Chinese
  4. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    So I'm trying to get my gf into edm. Shes never liked listening to edm unless shes wasted.But 2000s rocker is her style. Papa Roach/Nirvana/RHCP are her faves. I've tried to get her into edm here and there for like 2 years with no acceptance. Anybody here know any good rock related edm songs? :D
  5. Buying a phone off eBay sellers?

    Just bought a Samsung S5 Active that promised good condition... normally 500-600 brand new got it used for $350 and at "9.5/10" and it came without a single scratch, like brand new 2 weeks in and no drawbacks to it. The guys username was " zeecellz ". Would definitely buy again.
  6. Hon's Shut Down

    Hah, believe it or not my grandparents were the founders of this restaurant chain. We sold it around 2010 and the majority of them were split and sold to the employees themselves and the quality have gone done in a few, the Chinatown/Robson washrooms always grossed me out. Also the employees at Robson Hons are all scumbags, rotten to the core that lot. But since New West has gone under new ownership, I've been really impressed with how nice they've remodeled it, this location and Richmond were always my favorite. For the record, it wasn't gambling debts, you know how us Chinese love to make up juicy rumors for entertainment, dont believe everything you hear. For me Hons will always be home cookin'
  7. Keeper League, only points @ 1 a piece. What order would you draft? Saad, Thornton, Spezza, Sharp, Turris... help appreciated :D

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    2. AriGold


      Same as Jazz except put Turris ahead of Thornton. I think he takes a major downswing this year.

    3. Baer.


      Sharp (will be with Benn and seguin)

      Saad (Johansen and Foligno)

      Turris (Ryan and stone)

      Spezza (older)

      Thornton (geezer can score, but San Jose will be bad)

    4. Gabes24


      cool, thanks guys! needed some assurance for tnt :)

  8. Keeper League - Who to Keep?

    cool. I might keep shattenkirk then, i like the guy... almost ppg at the 40 game mark pre-injury. i just dont feel burns will repeat his performance, but hes kinda that guy that will prove you wrong. so you guys think that taking 2 D in a 7 person keeper is worth it? its kinda like an unheard of strategy in my long time running pool haha
  9. Keeper League - Who to Keep?

    Hmm... Yeah I was thinking Oshie, I dont actually have him right now as I was supposed to trade my buddy Kadri > Oshie, but he forgot he dropped him. I can still trade for Oshie for a pick + meh keeper in my pool, or I can just keep shattenkirk? I feel like he'd have a higher potential than burns...? No Playoff pool connection, just during season
  10. Hey all, Looking for some hockey advice, in a keeper league with some buds, 7 keepers are allowed. I currently have Ovechkin Zetterberg Parise Letang Lundqvist Quick Now for my 7th keeper I have the option of: Oshie Kadri Shattenkirk Burns (not dual eligible in my pool) Points based only, 1 pt for Goal/Assist, 2 for a W 2 extra for SO. In this years draft I only have a 1st and 4th... so I have to think strategically... Leaning towards Kadri/Oshie due to their potential this year. Both high risk high reward, but thinking of Shattenkirk as well, then I can draft d-men later with lower picks. Imput please
  11. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Anyone here goin to see Andrew Bayer on the 23rd? 15$ at Venue, Such a sick set, my friend really got me into him recently, and this set was quite impressive! Really pumped
  12. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Jager I have to respectfully disagree! I haven't raved since June (rave-tired) but am definite coming out for this... W&W are amazing, but they are better in bigger stages (EDC, I can see how their Commodore show might have been crap), DVBBs and Nervo have amazing energy, Showtek is one of the remaining DJs that made me love EDM that I haven't seen, excited for Kaytranada, Griz and Gramatik, heard alot of good things about them. Couple that with Armin, Zedd, Morgan Page and TJR... its one of the best lineups Vancouver has ever seen, definitely worth $125! Theyre even considering an outdoor stage, absolutely cannot wait for this festival
  13. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Anyone else go to see Porter Robinson at vouge last night? that show was straight up legendary!
  14. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    O whoops! I heard someone saying that adiago started, for some reason that convinced me even though i didnt feel like he did start with it (was messed). Aw man, Alesso is a really good dj, i ask you to give him another chance, Years & City of Dreams alone should convert you. loved his set. Umm out of the usual norm I saw Madeon, Orjan Nilsen, DVBBS (sunday closer, not bad.. missed dash 2nd year in a row lol), Dada Life (threw a sick set but was too packed), Steve Angello was dece, Kaskade and Calvin Harris both killed it too. I missed R3hab, Deorro, Mat Zo, Quintino, Diplo, Flume which im pretty choked at... but you can never fit in everything! Full set or bust is my mentality. what other names didja see
  15. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    wow edc was soo different 2nd time around. So many friggin vancouverite asians (me being of them) that were down there compared to EDC 2013, with that being said it just reminded me of a vacouver-esque rave scene here and there. with that being said it was a sick party! The fireworks were definitely next level and i got to see some of my favourite artists, especially Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Alesso and W&W were my two favourite sets, I had waited 3 years to see w&W and that was by far my 3 favourites of the weekend, tiesto threw a hard and different set, opening with Adiago for Strings *.* Hardwell had a horrible set imo, let me down. I also saw Nicky Romero at Light for their year anniversary, and well I can finally say I had my 15 seconds of fame.. I made the front cover of his instagram!! (asian guy in the black dress shirt), just thought id share that... I also had a Dutch flag pic on my phone and was just holding it up for a bit and he pointed at me! Nicky threw one of the best club sets though for me, hes one of the top 5 for me for sure.