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  1. You seem to be missing the point. It used to be much easier to do well, regardless of who your parents were. Now it's far more difficult. Try taking whatever you did, and multiplying the cost of living, education, housing, food, etc...and not substantially increasing wages.
  2. It sounds like you're having trouble adapting to technology and what it offers. That's painfully obvious as you picked a notoriously awful example to illustrate your point. That kid probably had no idea who Timberlake was. He couldn't even sing along to one of the choruses of his most popular songs. You're obviously romanticizing the past too. If you're trying to tell me that 12 and 13 year olds all had amazing attention spans 25 years ago, you're lying to yourself. I was a 12 and 13 year old 25 years ago, and I can tell you that's simply not true. The only thing the Timberlake selfie kid illustrates is how screwed up your generation has left the economy. 30 years ago his ticket would have gone to a true fan. Now the only people who can afford things like that are people with rich parents. Social mobility is gone. You'd better hope you were born into a family with lots of property and wealth or you're going to have a very tough go at things.
  3. If you guys are seriously making the argument that the internet and technology somehow creates a net decrease in social interactions, you're just flat out wrong. As someone who is young enough to remember the challenges in organizing anything when dependent on landlines and snail mail, I know for a fact that's simply incorrect. Even going to a movie or meeting someone for dinner in the early 1990s was a huge challenge. You had to contact them while they were in their homes. Then set a very specific time and place. Then hope that they showed up. It wasn't possible to explain simple things like a delay in traffic until after the fact. You'd go weeks or months at a time without interacting with people unless you saw them daily at work or school. It was incredibly easy to lose touch with people. But yes, sometimes people look at their phones in public....
  4. Young people multitask a lot more than previous generations. They can hold a conversation and look down at their phones occasionally.
  5. What a load of BS. If anything young adults spend too much time socializing these day. 30 years ago people in their mid and late 20s would have been homeowners and have multiple kids. Now they spend all their time drinking with their friends. Part of that is that things like homes and careers aren't available to them. The idea that electronic communication somehow makes you less social is total BS. I was recently and got on tinder. It was crazy how much dating you could do. The same goes for text messages and facebook. They are a means of communicating with other people and dramatically make it much easier to arrange social engagements.
  6. Assuming people want to buy "Bratz"...and that department sized retail stores for toys are still a profitable business.
  7. The Workout Thread

    The issue is that a lot of these studies tend to not take into account cause and effect properly. The people who skip breakfast may have been people who generally don't take care of themselves or do their own cooking. They don't properly take the lifestyle of the subjects as a whole into account. I've found skipping breakfast is the only way for me to lose weight consistently. It becomes an issue of self-control though. You can't immediately then gorge yourself. You have to eat reasonably for lunch and then wait 30 minutes to an hour for your hunger to go away naturally as you process the foods. If you want to lose weight, at some point you are going to have to deal with feeling hungry and not eating. There are ways to mitigate this by avoiding foods high in calories but low in other nutrients. However, it's difficult to lose weight. If you are slightly overweight because you eat 300 calories too much, it's very difficult to go to a situation where you're eating 300 calories less a day. You're looking at a swing of 600 calories a day.
  8. This story is about a 60 year old.
  9. The Workout Thread

    There's no scientific consensus on this : A lot of the studies done so far are flawed in that they use test subjects who make up for their lack of breakfast with unhealthy snacks later on.
  10. I'm not entirely sure it's such a wise decision. The bidder also owns "Bratz" and seems to be constantly relaunching the brand with mixed success. Perhaps he sees the acquisition of TRU as a way to reinvigorate his own brand. He's essentially doubling down on his own failing product.
  11. Very counterproductive in my opinion. His goal was to convince people that his political position was correct. Those opposing him were likely to see him as a left-wing crazy in the first place. Him lighting himself on fire is going to reinforce their opinion of him. It's cannon fodder for right wing nut jobs to make a bunch of memes.
  12. Is Global War Fast Approaching?

    Do you think this is the first time a foreign power has bombed a dictator? You're obviously not old enough to remember the 80 and 90s.
  13. Hollywood sucks these days

    Downloading culture also created opportunity. There's nothing to stop someone from creating a short film putting it up in YouTube, monetizing it, and then getting the attention of bigger studios. It's already happened multiple times. That's even how Ryan Reynolds got Deadpool made. The way to make money off films has changed, and people need to adapt. Overall I'd say the internet has been a huge positive for independent film makers.
  14. It just seems to simple. Now Trump gets his headlines. Putin gets to lable America an aggressor, but they may get something more out of it too.
  15. Russia only stated they would retaliate if their forces were hit. There's no evidence of that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Russia has a back door deal with the USA on this one.