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  1. It still wouldn't be affordable. You would still have to deal with the interest portion of the mortgage. The most you could do is put the principle portion to near zero. Property in Vancouver is more expensive than it is in Rome.
  2. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    My pet peeves....honestly not as shocking as some of the behaviour recounted here: 1. When the door is about to close, people who run into the skytrain, but then immediately stop as soon as they get through the doors. They block the passage of people behind them also running. 2. People who insist on leaning of the poles and glass walls when the train is full. It impedes the ability of other riders to hold onto the bars, and there's simply no room for it. Yes, they look cool leaning, but it's unacceptable. 3. People who insist on riding the train when it's rush hour, despite clearly not on their way to a job. Or people who insist on doing grocery shopping during this same time. Or people who get on at the Main Street terminal with their bikes during this time....why do you have a bike, if you can't ride into downtown from Main and Terminal? 4. People who force their way to the front of the doors, while the train is still in motion. They expect others to let go of their hand rails while the train is coming to a stop so they can scoot by, and be the first out the doors. You will have enough time to get out. If you were worried about it, you should have made your way closer to the door at the stop before your stop.
  3. Even then it's nowhere close to comparable. Newark New Jersey is about a 30-40 minute drive to Manhattan. You can buy a large house there for under $400k. You can buy a small fixer upper for $100k. Vancouver is like no place in the world when it comes to how bad real estate pricing is. There is no room for anyone but the rich in the GVRD right now. It has nothing to do with sacrifice. People are way past that point.
  4. The whole point is that it's not affordable to live in the valley anymore. Who can afford an $800k+ house, who doesn't have a high paying job that requires 10+hrs/day and working downtown? What sacrifices are you talking about? Someone should have to work 10-12 hours/day and commute for 4 hours to afford to live in a mediocre home that is nowhere near downtown? Who exactly can "afford" to live in the valley in house? People who inherit their money? Retirees? What job opportunities are there in the valley that are in line with a $800k house? I'm genuinely curious on how you've come to this definition of affordable. I can tell you right now that what's going on in Vancouver right now is not comparable to anywhere else in the world. Places like NYC have expensive places, but you can be in an affordable area in under 40 minutes. The job market there is also much much much better. In no place in the world is there such a disconnect between opportunities/salaries and real estate prices.
  5. Define "affordable". It still costs about $600-700k for a 1500 sq ft bugalow in the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area. You're now looking at a 2+hour drive into downtown on a workday. If you're working in downtown, how is that even an option? Not everyone can just move their work out to Abbotsford/Chilliwack. Even then, you're going to need a household salary of $150k+ to buy one of these places. As for current owners, anyone who has bought in the last 5 years, knew they were taking a huge risk. The prices were clearly not linked to the local economy. Even then, prices will also recover in 5 years or so, no matter how bad the crash is. And the biggest factor affecting foreign investment, had absolutely nothing to do with local taxes (which btw are very easy to skirt around). China itself is cracking down: In other words, the crash was always coming and expect prices to fall into the 2012-2015 range. Many of the things that local governments are doing are just softening the blow. When you tie your horse to something as unpredictable as the Chinese government's tolerance for capital export, I really have little sympathy. Do you really think it's an option to have the housing prices keep going up the way they were? It's very difficult to find good staff in Vancouver, as no one can afford to live here. What happens if there's another crash in Asia? You are suggesting tying our entire economy onto how well China is doing. That's awful policy.
  6. Except that in Vancouver, even the suburbs aren't affordable. It costs over 1 million for a liveable house in Port Coquitlam.
  7. Even places like NYC, Tokyo, and London get cheaper once you get into the burbs. Places about 45min drive from the city centres are relatively affordable. The GVA property in places like Port Coquitlam is insanely expensive for what you are getting.
  8. Prices are actually falling. There is also a lot more inventory on the market now. Foreign investment has also dried up. Not due to any of the actions of the government, but more to do with a crackdown in China on funds escaping the country. I do agree that the government failed its people in allowing things to get to this point in the first place though.
  9. Got to say it, this thread is a little bit cringy to read, now that we know the actual facts. A lot of people very much exploiting this tragedy. The shooting occurred due to personal beef, not politics. The shooter used a shotgun, which would not be a prohibited weapon, even under Canada's gun control laws.
  10. TWU Lawschool decision

    There are already too many law grads out there for the market. The law society exams are also incredibly easy. The main barrier to practicing law in BC, that ensures that we get the brightest and best, is acceptance to an accredited law school. If we have a law school that won't allow people in based on religious beliefs and sexual orientation, you are merely creating a less competitive law school, one where not all applicants can apply to.
  11. TWU Lawschool decision

    This decision really doesn't change the status quo. Lawyers are regulated by a professional body. We do not allow anyone to declare themselves a lawyer and start practicing law. To allow "free market capitalism" dictate our professional bodies would be a huge mistake. For example, "free market" medical degrees, that would allow anyone to practice surgery. This decision has nothing to do with hindering capitalism. It has to do with the LSBC not wanting to allow a discriminatory institution to train lawyers.
  12. The murder rates about half of what it was in the 90s. This generation is less violent than the previous one. The culprit could be less:
  13. Everything's relative too. We are comparing his statements to today's standard of tolerance. He's praising Japanese people and saying Chinese people are boring. While the statements, in today's world, are seen as generalizations, they were probably relatively progressive for his times. Let's keep in mind how far the world has come. Breakfast at Tiffany's was a huge hit in 1961, and this was acceptable: Chinese people could not vote in Canada until 1947. Women couldn't vote in Canada until 1918 and not in Quebec until the 1940s. The world was a very very different place in 1920.
  14. You do realize that the murder rate in the USA is about half what it was 25-30 years ago and has been pretty steadily fallen since the 1990s?
  15. People in the 1920s were xenophobic and racist? That's a shocker. Has anyone ever spoken to a person over the age of 80 before? Sounds like he was a product of his times.