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  1. taxi

    The Workout Thread

    A major drawback of living in Vancouver proper is that the gyms have to cater to the average gym goer in order to be sustainable. Space is also at a premium. This means they can't be set up for lifters, which means less room for squat racks. The stairmaster crowd has now migrated over to the squat racks without any understanding of how to actually lift....very frustrating. You see people on the squat rack doing sets of sub 100lbs, which could easily be done with dumb bells, or people doing non-squat lifts in there. I desperately need to move into a place that is big enough to accommodate my own squat rack. Although my current apartment building has one in the basement that is usually empty.
  2. taxi

    The Workout Thread

    You are very lucky. The average gym in Vancouver proper has 2 squat racks. Ever since developing your "core" became all the rage, the wait times have been absurd.
  3. taxi

    The Workout Thread

    Both the couples and the bros are so painful to watch/wait for. The couples always come up with these extremely lengthily routines of quarter squats, split squats, partial deadlifts, etc... The bros not only take forever to get through their sets of overly heavy squats, but will do things like bicep curl in the squat rack.... I'm fortunate enough to have a gym with a squat rack in my building, that is almost always free. Whenever I have to break out my Steve Nash pass, I pretty much lose my mind.
  4. taxi

    The Walking Dead Thread

    TWD fired the writers who were responsible for the abysmal season 7-8. They really turned things around this season again. I'm hoping they also deviate less from the comic book. Whenever TWD tries to deviate too much, we end up with the garbage pail kids. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/walking-dead-scott-gimple-angela-kang-showrunner-renewed-season-9-1202624753/ It's unfortunate, as I think the show turned a lot of people away with season 7 and 8. Hopefully, they continue to improve on the pacing of the show.
  5. I really don't think this has much to do with Tariffs. GM is downsizing domestically and internationally. How many people do you know lining up to buy a Buick?
  6. taxi

    The Workout Thread

    That's very strange. Typcially people lose a few pounds overnight due to dehydration and not having ate for 12 hours or so. Assuming you weighed yourself at least 12 hours after eating, your body should have flushed most of that sodium out.
  7. taxi

    Mass shooting at Thousand Oaks bar

    An act of violence with a political motive. The definition of terrorism is pretty simple, and there's a good reason for why it's that way. Dealing with terrorism also involves dealing with the political movements and groups responsible.
  8. taxi


    This has been nothing like my experience there. The meat is slow cooked and filled with seasoning and sauce. It's falling out of the bun, and you need a fork to eat it out of the box after you're done. The bread is also always fresh.
  9. taxi

    My New Favourite Millennial

    The Babyboomers are the Me Me Me generation. The babyboomers received the most material wealth for the least amount of work, in the history of humanity. Young people today work far longer hours than babyboomers did, they are far more efficient, and their cost of living/wages ratio is far worse.
  10. It was actually typical of rich families to marry within eachother to preserve wealth. The practice of cousin marriages didn't become distasteful in Western society until a about 100 years ago (yes I know very creepy), and the Rothschilds didn't do it more than any other rich family. What the Rothschilds did successfully was use the family to set up "branches" in different countries, which at one point did indeed make them the richest family in the world. Since then, like I said, the fortune has now dwindled as it has become split among many people. The way banks work is also different. Modern banks are publicly held corporations, owned primarily by an aggregate of stock holders.
  11. The Rothschild family actually devotes a huge amount of their time and money towards charity. Many members of the family work full time in charity work.
  12. wut? Gay marriage was (is still defined by many) as not a basic human right. Societal attitudes change and we progress as a society. Also, everything is relative. For example, at one point the USA had legal slavery based on race but was still considered a democracy. I would currently not define any nation with slavery as a democracy.
  13. There's a difference between democracy and mob rule. In a democracy individual human rights have to be respected.
  14. Interesting that the Rothschilds still come up when people think of rich people. That fortune is now divided among hundreds of people. No single member cracks the top 1000 richest people. The family, as a whole, has become a huge source of charity too.
  15. You do realize that you can look this stuff up. There are about 158 million acres of land in Alberta. Your numbers don't jive. That being said, many studies show the population is now expected to peak around 9 billion and then start to fall.