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  1. It's always been a problem. As others have stated, society just didn't care about offending indigenous people before. Keep in mind residential schools were still open well into the 1990s. Just because we've been doing something racist for a long time, doesn't make it acceptable.  It's not a huge sacrifice to change a team name.
  2. Shooting in Colorado Springs

    I'd agree that would be terrorism as stopping abortion clinics is a political goal. If those turn out to be his true motives, then yes he is a terrorist. A "lone wolf" but a terrorist also.
  3. The Walking Dead Thread

    One of many baffling moments. He's clearly someone who can't be trusted. He's threatening one with a knife. Why you would give him  a gun is beyond me? He's going to try and kill the nurse regardless of what you do.
  4. The Workout Thread

    Depends on the type of girl obviously. However, there is a definitely a sub-sect of the female population (the kind that frequents bars) that goes for that look. Based on my own personal experience, as much as I made fun of guys who look like Jersey Shore cast members, guys who get juiced up to the "Ronnie" type size get a lot of one night stand scenarios. My friends who were using were all nutjobs, so they weren't the best at maintaining relationships. That's a different story.
  5. The Walking Dead Thread

    I've been defending this show a lot, but I'll admit that last episode was bad. The writing was just bizarre. They managed to change an episode that should have been full of action and tension into a drawn out and frustrating bore. Every single character making awful decisions. The post-credits scene with Negan (or at least his henchmen) being introduced was great though.
  6. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    ^^^^ That's not what I've read. The inconsistency the family is complaining of was that the driver and passenger were taken to different hospitals. However, that's totally common in a situation where a person has catastrophic injuries. They'll take them to the specialist they need, which may not be at every hospital. For example, it's common for people with spinal injuries to be flown into VGH. Neither of us know what really happened. However, if it was an assassination it was a fumbled and totally unprofessional one. Why did they leave the driver, the only witness and cousin to the victim, alive? Makes no sense. No, I don't trust Erdogan. However, I don't trust PressTV, which is state owned by the Iranian government, either.
  7. The Workout Thread

    I don't use steroids either. The closest things I've taken to enhancements are creatine and whey powders. I don't take those any more either though and rely on whole foods. You can't argue with the results though. Unfortunately we live in a society obsessed with short term results. You will definitely attract more women on steroids. Also, all the major sports bodies refuse to do anything about blatant steroid use. It'd be very easy to test athletes all year round and hand out lifetime suspensions (which is what should happen to people who take an illegal drug that permanently alters your physique). Instead, the sports bodies turn a blind eye and essentially let their athletes take whatever they want in the off season. 
  8. The Workout Thread

    Wouldn't mess around with that either. Plus, I've heard it doesn't work any better than Ephedrine or caffeine pill (also things I won't take). Not sure why people are taking drugs like Clen. It's a drug that helps professional body builders cut from 6 to 4% body fat for very temporary amounts of time. I don't see why an average person training would ever mess around with that.
  9. The Workout Thread

    You can achieve a lot of different looks on roids. Generally, it makes it much easier to get and stay lean, which usually leads to better looks. Overall, I'd say that roids just give you the ability to mold and change the body much easier.
  10. The Workout Thread

    I'd say, if anything, people on steroids put more time into the gym. It's a drug that gives you a ton of energy and motivation and makes your recovery time zero. People on steroids don't have to worry about over-training either. I've also trained with people who are natural and using. The people on drugs had a huge advantage both aesthetically and in terms of strength.
  11. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Were you there in the room when Erdogan made the call to kill her? No, neither was I. Anything else is all speculation, and we are entitled to our opinion on it. IMO the evidence does not add up to this being a targeted killing.
  12. Shooting in Colorado Springs

    People need to calm down. The reason media outlets are quiet is because we know nothing about the shooter, or if he even did it yet. He lived in a cabin in the woods without electricity and turned himself in. Entirely different scenario from someone who is part of a network of people they communicate with via the internet. If the motives were political, I'd say this qualifies as terrorism. However, the fact he is being described as a "lone wolf" does seem to be an accurate description and not an example of media bias.
  13. The Workout Thread

    Definitely agree with this. The vast majority of people you see in any kind of fitness media are "enhanced".
  14. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    Her cousin, who was the driver of the vehicle, survived. If the family has a dispute about what happened, they just need to ask their own family member. Here's a widely published article from over one year ago. It clearly states that Turkey was funding ISIS. Once again, it's not a secret everyone knows that ISIS is being funded and supported by Turkey. Once again, the assassination story just doesn't make sense. It'd be extremely difficult to assassinate someone by having their vehicle strike a cement truck. If you were going to kill someone that way, why would you leave the driver of the vehicle, her cousin alive? Makes no sense.